Excerpts from "Ask the Insiders" message board

We have a few excerpts from Duane Long's comments this week on the Ask the Insiders message board posted now.

On the chances of Ohio State landing Columbus Academy running back (sorry, we offer no interpretation of the first part of the second sentence):

"I see no chance of that happening. He is looking for the sheepskin that qualifies as an academic bling-bling and the Buckeyes are showing little interest."

During a discussion about Florida running back DeShaun Wynn, who was a Cincinnati product that didn't go to Ohio State:

"...I have never understood not taking Wynn. I rated him right up there with Clarett and his performace last Saturday showed he is a special player. We did not go after him with any kind of urgency."

On the possibility of St. Ignatius QB Brian Hoyer becoming a Buckeye:

"Bill Greene spoke to Hoyer at a scrimmage and he felt like there was no way that Hoyer was going to change his mind... The chances he starts next year are highly likely, and he will be under a great QB teacher and playing for a major program. There isn't a lot of reason to change his mind really. I wouldn't be surprised if we try to get back in, but I think we are wasting our time."

On recruiting Delbert Ferguson, who has a friendship with Maurice Clarett:

"They are not going to tar and feather Delbert because of Maurice. Nothing to worry about."

On Roy Hall

"I think he has superstar written all over him, and I would always play the younger player if he is even close to being as good as the older player. I would have Hall in the starting lineup. I would have Holmes as the #3 too."

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