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Bank Bag: OSU Camp Season Is Upon Us Part-II

Ohio State will host the first of three summer camps next week, and that's always been a huge recruiting tool. Bill Greene is here to answer questions on that topic and more from BSB subscribers.

ebraun84: As of today, who do you think the Buckeye close their defensive class with?

BG: Watch the Heritage guys going forward. Chatfield is IN. They have a great shot to flip defensive tackle Nesta Silvera from Miami, and cornerback Tyson Campbell is close to being IN. I think they are in good shape with Teradja Mitchell, and we will know that answer real soon. They are pretty good with Tyreke Smith, Micah Parsons, Anthony Cook and maybe a Houston Griffith. It's only June though, so long way to go. 

victor64: How does Matta keep his job? How does the early signing period effect Ohio State football recruiting? They are excited about Fickel in Cincy. What are recruits saying privately about the situation. I don't think Aenas Hawkins is a given to the Bucks. I think UC may give them a battle for this kid. 

BG: I think there is a lot of admiration for Thad Matta within the Ohio State community, and that is giving him a lot of rope. That should run out after next season if things stay bad. Recruits LOVE, repeat LOVE, what Luke is doing down at UC. There is a lot of buzz about the Bearcats across the state. If Ohio State flips Silvera, they will probably pass on Hawkins. 

donfatman: What are your top three favorite college football uniforms? (Non Ohio State) What are your top three favorite college football nicknames/mascots? (Non Ohio State) You've seen quite a few schools and areas, so what do you think are the best states to grow up in, not just for football but for all around.

BG: I like the Auburn unis with the blue jerseys, like Bama's red jerseys with red helmets with the numbers on them, and love the classic USC jerseys with the gold trim. For mascots? Only one: Sebastian the Ibis leading the Canes out through the smoke. There is nothing else. Like the FSU mascot because it's politically incorrect, and the Georgia Dawg is cool. To me, there is nowhere like Ohio and I will never live anywhere else. Love the whole state. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill, I think we will be pretty weak in the interior of the line. Your thoughts?

BG: Not sure which line you're worried about, but I would disagree totally whether it's offense or defense. The defensive interior is loaded. On offense, you need to replace Elflein who was really good. Billy Price is above average, and Michael Jordan is going to be better than Elflein or Price in time. He's a superstar. They need another player to step up, whether it Pridgeon, Knox, Burrell or Wyatt Davis. This will be a good year to evaluate Greg Studrawa, because last year was not stellar from a coaching perspective on the O-line. 

NorthwestBuckeye: Bill, do you see JT still running the read-option this year under Kevin Wilson? If so, in your mind, what would be the optimal number of QB option runs that would be effective, yet keep JT healthy and retain a balanced, unpredictable offense? Also, other than the obvious duo of Schiano and Wilson, do you see any other assistant coaches due to look hard for a head coaching position this December?

BG: I do think we will see the read option this year, because that's what J.T. Barrett does best. i think 4-5 per game makes sense. I do not see any other assistant qualified to be a head coach in college football. 

Coors73: Thanks again Bill.  Care to take an early guess at the U.S. Open winner?  Best pro golfer to never win a major?

BG: I think Dustin Johnson is set to dominate Erin Hills and win the U.S. Open again. It's not Sergio anymore, LOL. I guess I might say that label now goes to Rickie Fowler. Maybe Matt Kuchar. 

jnmbuck: You have commented on how fell Fickel is recruiting at Cinci. I am a believer in that the head coach is only as good as his staff. How do you view the staff he has put together?

BG: I would agree with you on the assistant coaches. I think the staff Luke has at UC is awesome, and he has a great blend of youth and experience. Has salesmen as well as great teachers. They should do really well. 

bavcoss22: Question: Why does everyone think Karmryn Babb is a buckeye lean? Did I miss where he came out and named OSU as his leader? 

BG: I would never know who the kid says is the leader, because I never read the articles, nor do I care who they name as leaders. Means nothing to me. And Ohio State is in great shape with Babb. 

WSPBuck: Since Ohio State performed Thad's back surgery.. do you think there is any chance there is some hesitation in the event they wanted to let go since clearly his performance is a result of a botched surgery OSU performed?

BG: No, I do not. It's far cheaper to pay someone to go away than it is to keep a poor employee. 

drewsus: I know you're high on the future of mich under harbaugh but would you agree that while their recruiting has been very good - it has not been on the level of OSU and bama? The talent gap between mich and the elite teams has been big and with OSU's torrid recruiting of late and for the foreseeable future, how do you see mich catching up? You have OSU beating mich this year which would make harbaugh 0-3 against OSU. What makes you confident that the tide will be turning anytime soon? 5 years from now do you see mich competing as equals vs the OSU's and bama's of the world? Can you compare Jaelen Gill as a prospect to Curtis Samuel and Jalin Marshall? How does Gill's ceiling compare to Marshall and Samuel at the college level? How do you see the Tom Herman era at Texas unfolding? Big game early for UT with a trip to USC...do you like UT's chances to make an early splash in that spot?

BG: I think Michigan's recruiting is good enough to compete with anyone, and it's actually quite good. Their on field coaching is strong. I think they will battle Ohio State tooth and nail every year going forward. I think Harbaugh can get them as a consistent top-10 team every year, and that makes you elite. I think Jaelen is bigger than either Marshall or Samuel, and might have better hands than either one. Now Samuel had elite quickness, and Marshall has great explosiveness, but Gill can be a combination of the best of both guys. Texas is set to win right now, and I expect Herman to win right off the bat. He should be able to bang heads with USC off the jump. 

sphinxbuck: Do you think Alabama is behind in recruiting? 2. Do you think Luke Fickell is great at finding local talent: i.e. Daron Lee, Malik Harrison, etc or was the equally Urban Meyer and his scouting staff. 3. Is there any position at Ohio State that you see other teams try to negative recruit regarding playing at Ohio State?

BG: I DO think Bama is behind in recruiting, and they've gotten beat on some top kids they wanted already. They will still have a great class, but they've lost some "first choices." I think Luke is a great talent evaluator, and obviously Meyer/Pantoni are as well. They all recruited together as well as anyone in America. It's hard to negatively recruit against Bama, Clemson, Florida State or Ohio State because of what we see year after year. The NFL draft almost eliminates negative recruiting against Ohio State in itself. 

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