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Bank Blog: Ohio State News And Notes

Ohio State has three on campus camps set over the next ten days, and several high powered recruits are expected to be on hand. Where do things stand in Buckeye-Land?

- I've been to four different camps featuring college coaches since last Friday, and summer is the best time to get info on different teams and coaches. These guys are more open now than at any other time throughout the year. They know what's going on at other schools from talking to their buddies, so while they might not give you everything on THEIR school, they talk about other schools. 

- Let's talk Zamir White first. There is a consensus among the Ohio State staff that this is a once-in-a-decade runningback, and they want him BADLY. Real badly. Georgia appears to be the favorite, but Alabama and the Buckeyes are in it to win it. White weighed 221-pounds the last time he was on campus, and he recently ran a 10.5 hundred. He is a tough runner, with the wiggle to make people miss. He is looked at as a better prospect than Zeke Elliott at the same age. 

- Who is recruiting White? Obviously Urban Meyer. But the point man is super-recruiter Tony Alford, and a bonus is that he will also be the potential position coach. Prior to coming to Columbus I watched Alford pull miracles on the recruiting trail for Notre Dame. Like beating Florida State and Jimbo for Aaron Lynch, which was truly a miracle. Miracle-II was getting Louis Nix to decommit from MIami and come to Notre Dame. Nix committed to the Irish the day after Charlie Weis was fired and there was no head coach. Alford got him to South Bend without knowing if he was going to be retained. Dude can recruit. He can pull Zamir White, I believe. 

- I think Ohio State has Tyreke Smith and L'Christian "Blue" Smith right where they want them, and I have both in the class. Aeneas Hawkins is still on their board, but how high? Not sure how much of a push they make for him, which could benefit Luke Fickell and UC. Not feeling Chris Oats to Ohio State, but no change for me on Jack Carman. Carman is IN, has been IN, and will always be IN. He's IN. 

- Tavion Thomas remains on the board, but in pencil. One with a big-azz eraser attached to the end. White is the prize they're chasing, but Master Teague would be next not Thomas. I do not expect to see Tavion Thomas sign with the Buckeyes, but it's recruiting and he could be the sub for White and/or Teague. 

- I believe Brian Snead gets the least amount of love, which is strange considering he was the first commit. To clarify, Ohio State loves the kid and he loves them. I would not have him in the "Florida Diva Class" at all, and I think he signs with the Buckeyes and has a productive career. 

- Wide receiver is kind of sorting itself out, but if Smith is IN then they might only need one more. My choice? Kamryn Babb. I think the Bucks are in great position with him. 

- Tight end? Jeremy Ruckert has always been in the class on my lists and remains solidly there. 

- Feel strongly about Tyson Campbell having OSU in front, but he is the true Florida type so you never count this one in until you get the fax.

- Love what I'm hearing about Anthony Cook and Ohio State. Don't think anything is going to be said publicly, but Urban and Tommy H. might not be as close as people think. Herman wants OSU the H-E-L-L out of Texas recruiting, and Urban kind of likes his presence in the state. Cook is going to be the recruit that fans the flames of discontent between the two, and I have Ohio State in the lead. 

- I was not all that thrilled about Tate Martell from the first time I read about him, and never really got all the hype. Seeing him get his toenails painted on video only added to the Diva reputation. From the minute he arrived on campus, Martell has worked and worked and worked to prove himself to the coaches and his teammates. Can't say where he fits in with Burrow, Haskins and Emory Jones going forward, but the Little Man is doing everything he can to turn himself into an OSU quarterback. Martell's work ethic has been A++. 

- I know Buckeye fans are kind of down on Mike Weber, and I'm not sure he's the next Eddie George myself. But he is being called one of the most improved Buckeyes behind the scenes, and he is set to take the next step as a player. Kevin Wilson loves the kid, and has big plans for Weber in this offense.

- The offense is 100% Kevin Wilson. Bank That. 

- The most underrated coach on the Ohio State staff? It might be quarterbacks coach Ryan Day, and nobody knew what to expect when Urban plucked him out of nowhere to replace Tim Beck. He is a future head coach, I'm told. The difference between Day and Beck? Miles. Lots of miles. 

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