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Here’s A Look At The Contracts Of The Three New Assistants For The Ohio State Men's Basketball Team

After obtaining the contracts of new Ohio State men’s basketball assistant coaches Terry Johnson, Ryan Pedon and Mike Schrage, Buckeye Sports has highlighted the particulars of them.

Ohio State men’s basketball head coach Chris Holtmann filled out his coaching staff when it was officially announced Thursday he hired Terry Johnson, Ryan Pedon and Mike Schrage as his assistants.

On Friday, Buckeye Sports obtained the employment contract of each assistant, who were all on Holtmann’s Butler staff last season.

All three coaches agreed to two-year deals. Johnson will make $300,000 for the term starting June 14 and ending Aug. 31, 2018, while Pedon will earn $395,000 and Schrage $325,000 during that same time frame.

The three will receive compensation increases as approved by the Board of Trustees for their respective contract terms beginning Sept. 1, 2018.

As for annual bonuses, each assistant will garner 8.5 percent of their then-current salary, respectively, if the team either wins the Big Ten regular-season championship outright or shares the title. There is no bonus for winning the conference tournament.

Aside from that, all three coaches will each attain another bonus of 8.5 percent of their then-current salary, respectively, if the squad makes it to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. Should the club win the national title, a bonus of 15 percent of their then-current salary, respectively, will be issued to them.

If any of the aforementioned on-court achievements are vacated, all three must repay Ohio State their respective corresponding bonus.

Each of the them get $600 a month to cover costs for one vehicle. For sporting events, they’ll each receive four Ohio State football season tickets and eight Buckeye men’s basketball season tickets.

All three contracts have yet to be finalized.

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