Buckeye Grove for 9/18

Our weekly Buckeye Grove column for Bucknuts.com subscribers is now available on the Buckeye Grove message board. In this edition, we go deep inside the OSU running game. We examine the 21 running plays that netted 3 or fewer yards against N.C. State. Plus, we look at all 14 OSU penalties, searching for validity and culpability. Plus, we have notes on OSU's latest goal line stand, a potential poll bias against OSU and much more.

I have posted this week's edition of The Buckeye Grove and my picks.

In The Buckeye Grove, I go deep into analysis on OSU's running game and the team's penchant for penalties. We look at the 21 running plays that netted 3 yards or less and try and figure out where the breakdowns occurred.

Plus, we look at all 15 penalties (the 14 that were accepted and one that was negated) to search for validity and culpability.

Beyond those two pegs, I also discuss OSU's annual game against an Ohio team and why that is so important, the sale of Gold Pants on eBay, Jim Tressel's take on allowing anybody to move straight to the NFL, a potential source of bias for poll voters against Ohio State, N.C. State's play calling on the goal line, who got beat on N.C. State's four TD passes and, finally, Athlon Sports early look at college basketball (yes, the first hoops mag is out).

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