Excerpts from Ask the Insiders message board

A few tidbits for you from the Ask the Insiders message board.

Duane Long, giving a quote from the father of Brandon Underwood, who stated to him that Brandon was a solid commitment to OSU:

The conversation turned serious when it came to the matter of fans popping off about players. "That is a real problem," he said. "Kids check the message boards. That is how Brandon first found out about his wavering in his commitment and that he didn't play well. He was upset about it. Other kids start asking him about it because they come to message boards and read it. Recruits see this stuff and wonder how they are going to be treated by the fans once they get to college if it is happening now while they are still in high school. If fans think it doesn't have an impact, they are sadly mistaken. I am seeing first hand. It does matter."

Gary Housteau on whether or not OSU will offer a punter:

"Justin Kusek, a punter from Canfield, is someone the OSU brass is very high on. My sources say he's likely to get an offer at some point after the season when the staff has a better idea of how the scholarships will be doled out."

Steve Helwagen on his conversation with Malik Hairston:

"No, he would not tip his hand. He had only positive things to say about OSU, I guess."

Jamie Newberg on Jeff Byers:

"I wouldn't read much into everything... Byers is handling this like a pro and I suspect he will take his four others and make a decision. I do know this, after speaking with him after his trip to Columbus, he was sky high on the Buckeyes... they passed all the criteria he is looking at and than some."


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