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Posted now is a weekly collection of excerpts from the Ask the Insiders message board.

Dave Biddle on Nate Salley:

"Nate Salley says he is still unsure if he will play basketball this year, but is leaning towards not playing. He said it will be a difficult decision, but he thinks the team is so good this year that they won't need him. But he also said coach O'Brien told him there's a spot for him if he decides to play. Nate joked that if the basketball team starts 12-0, it's going to be much more difficult to not play when Jan. 5 rolls around.

Salley played open gym with some of the guys over the summer and singled out Sullinger as a guy to watch. He said over and over again how good they are going to be. We talked about the loss of Jernigan and that they might need another guard off the bench, but I would be really surprised if Nate plays ball this year.

Gary Housteau on Chad Hoobler:

"I traveled to Beloit, Ohio tonight to see Carrollton take on West Branch and I'm not certain if I was more impressed with Hoobler as an offensive player or defensive player.

I really think he will become a terrific tight end at the next level as he has great speed, very good hands and he blocks tremendously. I was very, very impressed with him as a tight end tonight.

But then after getting off to a slow start on defense, he started to dominate on that side of the ball as welll and it looked like West Branch was purposely play calling to wherever Hoobler would not be.

Again, Hoobler showed tremendous speed at linebacker with really good lateral movement. He plays tough inside and had a burst of speed when he needed it."

Charles Babb on Marcel Frost:

"I have been very impressed with Frost. He has shown a burst off of the end that I am not certain any of the current second team players have. He might end up being that next speed defensive end Ohio State is searching for to replace Smith."

Duane Long on out-of-state recruiting:

"I really like the idea of getting aggressive out-of-state, and JT has the opportunity this year coming off a National Championship and having so few holes. He can get aggressive. At the same time, he has locked down Ohio. Think about the handful of Ohio kids the Buckeyes have targeted that they have missed on since Coach Tressel took the helm. I know one Big 10 school offered a player in this year's class so early last year that the head coach of the high school pulled the assistant from the college aside and asked him if it wasn't a bit early. The player was good, but he was not a player of that caliber of a college just yet. The assistant said getting in early was the only way they could think of to beat Ohio State in Ohio right now. Another big name school was livid at an Ohio high school coach last year because the coach was trying to get his player to reconsider his verbal and take another look at Ohio State. Jim Tressel is inciting that kind of loyalty amongst Ohio high school coaches."

Duane on junior DTs:

"The rotation has the next couple of elite elements in the junior class in Antwon Hight and Todd Denlinger, both Buckeye leans and sure to be top 20 national DTs."

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