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Get inside The Buckeye Grove, our exclusive midweek column for subscribers. Today, we share our detailed scouting report on the Wisconsin Badgers, talk more on Chris Gamble, the hostile environment at Camp Randall Stadium and much more. Click this link for more on this special feature.

I have just completed another edition of The Buckeye Grove column, our special midweek column for subscribers.

This is a special column for Ohio State fans only. Some of the information is so sensitive it is not to go beyond the confines of the premium message board.

Here is a look at some of the topics covered in this week's edition of The Buckeye Grove:

* I share my detailed player-by-player scouting report on the Wisconsin Badgers. Get to know the players on the other side of the ball in preparation for Saturday's showdown at Wisconsin.

* We discuss the electric atmosphere everybody expects to encounter Saturday night at Camp Randall Stadium.

* We revisit the Chris Gamble-to-offense debate and hear what Jim Tressel has to say about that.

* Tressel talks about why Wisconsin is 5-1 instead of 6-0 and much more.

* Plus, the Buckeye Grove forum contains my picks for this week and a look ahead at the great Oct. 11 weekend are also on that board.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to subscribe to and get into the Buckeye Grove! (Remember before clicking, this forum is a premium forum.)

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