Excerpts from the Ask the Insiders message board

Here's a weekly look at a few excerpts from the Ask the Insiders message board.

Duane on SirDarean Adams:

"I think we have a shot. Getting a Florida player out of Florida is not going to be easy, but I did not get the impression staying close to home was going to be important to him."

Gary on what punter OSU may be looking at offering:

"The name is Justin Kucek from Canfield High School near Youngstown.

"Tim Spencer and Jim Tressel certainly know who Kucek is and, depending on how the numbers go, he may get one of the last scholarships, I've been told.

"He's got a boomer of a leg with good hang time, I've seen him kick in person, and he's been a fixture for the most part at Ohio State's games this year."

Duane on Fred Davis:

"DO NOT get weirded out if he takes all five (visits). He has been adamant from the start that he will take all five. That said, I spoke to Fred last Wednesday and he could only come up with four schools, including Oklahoma, which he already visited, and seemed to be tiring of the process. With Freeman already committed and Ginn all but in the fold save a verbal commitment, don't be surprised if he does commit earlier than planned. I am just saying don't get excited if he doesn't."

Duane on next year's Ohio OL crop:

"Giving a top five OLs in-state next year would be at best too early, and at worst flat-out inaccurate. So far, we are not seeing a great OL class. We have Boone and Haas. After that, we need to wait and see what happens. OLs are late bloomers. Ask me again in November or December."

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