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We have a chat transcript of today's club chat with Gary Housteau posted now.

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:03:12 PM)
Ok everyone, let's get started... feel free to fire away with questions! The moderation is on so remember that there will be a delay.

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:03:16 PM)
Hi Kirk I'm ready now...

Craig Krenzel Is My Dad (Oct 9, 2003 1:03:20 PM)
Hi Gary, first question for you .........what exactly did Jim Sorgi say and do you think it will be enough to inspire the DL to go for the knockout like they did last year with Bollinger? I think every Buck last year wanted to see Bolinger knocked out of the game.

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:05:11 PM)
The Buckeye defense, especially the DL, doesn't need any extra inspiration for this game, it doesn't matter what Sorgi or any of them said. No matter how often our offense sputters in the game, the defense will be there to answer the call.

Skilly McRailnob (Oct 9, 2003 1:05:18 PM)
what is the status of wisky's rb's?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:07:04 PM)
Wisconsin is not my specialty, I'd prefer to have Davis back there and take care of business. I think any able body for wisky will be ready and very willing.

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:07:45 PM)
I think Davis will go... they won't hold anyone out of this game if they don't have to

PasadenaBound (Oct 9, 2003 1:07:49 PM)
Hi Gary!! Have you had the chance to see Braxton lately? Has he looked any better as his season has progressed? Thanks

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:09:41 PM)
I've seen Ursuline and Braxton play the past two weeks against Harding and Hoban and I would say he continues to not impress.

loverbuck (Oct 9, 2003 1:09:44 PM)
What's the scoop on Massey? Is he scUM's but doesn't want to verbal yet so as to avoid the verbal abuse he would get at his remaining HS games?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:12:50 PM)
Tim Spencer was at a Iggy practice this past week and I'm sure he got an eye full of Massey. I've talked to some people in the Iggy program and they are not really sure what direction he will go in. They will continue to play on Saturday in the playoffs so he likely will not go to any Buckeye game or Michigan for that matter. His brother is playing for the Wolves so I'm sure he's rooting for them to win every game. I can't say either way at this time?

Cincinnatibuck (Oct 9, 2003 1:13:01 PM)
Gary don't know if you cover Cincinnati area, if so are there any other players being looked at by Ohio State besides the two we already have (Underwood and Rehring)?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:15:50 PM)
Other than the obvious I don't cover the Cincinnati area and I'm unaware of any obvious names at this time. It's hard to believe when the North has a plethora of players being looked at by OSU.

LightningRod (Oct 9, 2003 1:16:28 PM)
Do you see problems for Glenville and Coach Ginn or Jamario O'Neal now that the OHSAA has launched its formal investigation into the O'Neal transfer matter?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:17:16 PM)
Absolutely not!

PasadenaBound (Oct 9, 2003 1:17:27 PM)
Is there anyone you have seen who has went from being a mid-major conference prospect to being a possible OSU target. Who has impressed you the most?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:21:02 PM)
I think Daryll Clark, QB from Youngstown Ursuline, has been the most impressive player that has really shot up the recruiting charts but OSU has no interest in him. Anthony Hoke, DE/LB from Warren G. Harding is making a name for himself but OSU hasn't shown any real interest in him. Michigan likes Hoke. Canfield's punter Justin Kucek continues to be on OSU's radar and he has a nice leg.

Craig Krenzel Is My Dad (Oct 9, 2003 1:21:13 PM)
Next thought, is Erik Haw bound to be Mr. football this year? He's definitely shown he is a solid workhorse and someone we need to pound the ball over and over late in a football game. Now also he kinda snuck under my radar as I wasn't aware he was that great based on Lemming's original and the Insiders original analysis; and based on that, how good is Dionte Johnson, or hasn't he been scouted by the insiders or Lemming and thus he has a low rating (perfect example Nick Mangold wasn't scouted good by those two and he is a very solid force to reckon with)

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:25:55 PM)
I spent some time with Haw before the season and he's having the kind of year he told me he was going to have. I just don't think he's not going to garner enough media support to win the award. I continue to think the Ray Williams is the best running back in the state and because he was the runner up last year, he will get the honor this year. He's done nothing to hurt his chances. I say Williams is the winner in a run-away. As far as Johnson goes, I love the bloodline and I like everything I'm hearing about Johnson, so regardless of what Lemming and others have to say, I really like getting Johnson on board. I don't give much credence to any of these rating systems anyway.

Susan (Oct 9, 2003 1:26:09 PM)
Gary, do you know anything or heard anything about the fullback for Marion Harding? I was impressed with him, seeing him last week. He's big, strong and fast. I couldn't find anyone who was selling programs in Marion, so I never learned his name or what grade. His number is 33. I've heard that Tressel wants to recruit a "true" fullback and am wondering if that kid is getting looked at.

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:26:23 PM)
(I think that must be Brad Bury)

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:29:20 PM)
After getting Nate Stead from Harding, I'm not sure if I want another fullback from there - not offense to Bury. I've read of his name before but now that OSU has Johnson in the fold, I think we're done there. Nice to chat with you susan!

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:30:51 PM)
Gary, what are your thoughts on Alex Engram? He has some nice offers

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:33:36 PM)
I think he's getting better and it helps having a Manningham to throw to. Manningham has made him looked good when his throws were in the vicinity. I think he has a terrific arm but he has trouble controlling it. He can run with the ball but I think he does look to pass first then run. He needs to play well in the postseason if Harding hopes to go the distance. Again I would say Clark is the best QB in the Youngstown/Warren area.

Susan (Oct 9, 2003 1:33:40 PM)
Did anyone from Bucknuts attend any practices this week? Were they indoors on the new field turf, which I'm assuming so and how did they look on the turf? I'm wondering if loud music or canned cheering was played to help the players adapt to the deafening crowd they'll face on Sat. night.

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:35:27 PM)
I would have to defer to Steve on that question. I think I'm farther away from the WHAC than you are Susan. I'm sure the crowd will be rocking in Madison on Saturday though.

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:35:43 PM)
I don't think anyone made it to practice but I'm not 100% sure.

loverbuck (Oct 9, 2003 1:35:47 PM)
What's the latest on Mario Manningham? Why does Michigan have such a presence in the Warren/Youngstown area? You would think, after coaching YSU, that Tressel could keep all these kids at home.

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:41:08 PM)
Warren has a few and I mean a few very active alums in the Warren area that are passionate about their alma mater. They know how good players like Carl Diggs and Anthony Hoke are because they're from there and they make sure Michigan knows how good they are. Guys like Burgess and Manningham are obvious talents and for sure they want them to go to Michigan. McDaniels is a Jim Tressel guy but he's not an activists coach. There is a lot of Ohio State support in Warren no matter what you hear to the contrary. Manningham is 50-50 right now between the two schools and it will go down to the end. My Warren sources are as good as anyone's. Manningham does like Ohio State a lot. I'm not saying more or less than Michigan however.

MrBucknuts (Oct 9, 2003 1:41:32 PM)
Gary, aside from the usual suspects (Manningham, Wells, O'Neal, Haas, etc), who are the best underclassmen you've seen and are they OSU leans?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:45:55 PM)
Lenix and Smith from Glenville are very good prospects and they of course like OSU. Sutton is a great prospect from Hoban, he mentioned OSU among others. Derrick Stewart from Ursuline is another good prospect and he likes OSU. I saw Ringer last year and I thought he was terrific. Some say he likes OSU a lot.

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:45:58 PM)
Romella from Iggy is another to add to that list...

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:50:02 PM)
Glaser from Hoban and Rocco Cironi (sp) from Warren Harding are two very good junior offensive lineman prospects next year...

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:49:06 PM)
Gary anyone on Massillon catch your eye?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:51:23 PM)
Massillon's tight end is an underclassman I believe and he was terrific against Iggy. I mean really good with yards after the catch and very athletic. His name escapes at this time. He's someone to watch out for.

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:52:47 PM)
We're about ready to wind things down... be sure to send in any last questions for Gary

SupBuck (Oct 9, 2003 1:52:52 PM)
It seems to me that Tressel & Co. are not really to concerned about landing any QB that isn’t one of their top 3 or so. Do you see this changing at all next year given that Smith & Zwick will only be Sophs? Does Ohio have any Junior QBs that look promising or do they hold out for Miles?

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 1:55:32 PM)
I think with Boeckman in the fold next year, Miles could be the next target on the horizon. I think it's only natural that he comes to OSU if he is indeed good enough. I'm rooting for him. Again...Brian Hoyer is really, really good. Have I said that before??

Kirk (Oct 9, 2003 1:58:32 PM)
Ok we're going to let Gary go now... thanks everyone for stopping by. I'm pretty sure Steve will also be holding his weekly unmoderated chat tomorrow as well, so hope to see you there. Thanks again Gary!

Craig Krenzel Is My Dad (Oct 9, 2003 1:59:16 PM)
who is miles? any one can answer this

SupBuck (Oct 9, 2003 2:00:46 PM)
Art Schliester(sp) nephew

GaryHousteau (Oct 9, 2003 2:00:52 PM)
Art's nephew...thanks for chatting everyone.

Craig Krenzel Is My Dad (Oct 9, 2003 2:01:01 PM)

Susan (Oct 9, 2003 2:05:35 PM)
Thanks Gary. Have a great weekend.

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