Cleaning out the quotebook

Often times, when interviewing players, there are always some good quotes left over that aren't published. Why let those quotes go to waste? Instead of just erasing the tape and losing those quotes, we are going to post an assortment of quotes now -- some old, some more recent -- that might be of interest.

Shane Olivea:

On Anthony Schlegel, John Kerr and Marcel Frost:

"Yeah, those guys have really been doing a good job. Schlegel is always helping out the young defensive guys on scout team. They are doing a good job this year, and it is only going to help us out."

How does Frost compare with some of the young DE?

"I really don't even know. I don't critique. They do things within the other team's schemes and not them trying to beat me on every play."

Maurice Hall:

Who is leading the singing?

"Robbie Sims is our leader right now. He is our singer. You might want him to do a solo out here."

Schlegel - is he tough to run up the middle against?

"Definitely. He is definitely one of the best linebackers we have. He is a good player. He would definitely play if he was allowed to play this year because he is one of the best we have. It is good to go up against him in scout team because it just makes you better."

What about Kerr?

"He is playing good too. Him and Schlegel are both on the scout team, and it definitely gives you that game time feeling. You don't normally have two great linebackers like that on scout team every day. It has helped us a lot."

What about their speed?

"I think it is up there. I think they all run to the ball pretty well. I don't think any of our linebackers are blazing fast. I think Thomas Matthews is probably the fastest one, but they are definitely alright."

Sian Cotton and Marcel Frost -- What do you see in them? Would they play elsewhere?

"I think they are definitely great players, and they really – when they first started – they have come a long way. They give us a great look every day, and it helps us a lot. I definitely think they would play at other schools right now."

How quick is Marcel as maybe compared to Will Smith?

"Well, Will is just on a different level. Will, he is a beast man. Marcel has great potential, and he is definitely not a slow guy. You are not going to run away from him running sideways. He is going to be a good one."


Following Jersey Scrimmage in August…

Ira Guilford:

Tell me about your day.

"Well, you know, this is my first week really practicing. I think I did some things pretty decent, but I also have to work on a lot of things. For my first week, I just feel that I am still in the learning process and that I have a long way to go."

One thing you did good and one thing you want to work on?

"I think when I got a little daylight I ran pretty well. I made some decent cuts. On the other side, I think recognition in terms of knowing who to block and certain things – just learning the scheme of the offense, I have to work on."

You are #2 on the depth chart right now, talk about how surprising that is to you.

"Honestly, I didn't think I would play running back because I came in as a safety, but due to the injuries at running back they moved me over. This last week of practice I have been going out and playing hard and have done some things well and also have to work on a lot of things. I feel that the sky is the limit."

Do you know what position you will end up at – safety or running back?

"This year most likely I will be staying at running back. If they need me on the defense, I can play defensive back. I am excited to be on offense and play running back. I will just do the best I can wherever I play."

You look like you were feeling more confident as the scrimmage wore on. Is it a confidence issue as you get more comfortable?

"Definitely it was a confidence thing because you know, I really haven't even had a chance to experience the college level of running the ball until yesterday a little bit. So, it was just a matter of being more comfortable, knowing when my blocks were coming, and things like that. So, I definitely think I got more confident as the game went on."

How hard is it to come in as a freshman and hit the ground running?

"It definitely takes a lot of work, a lot of extra hours by yourself studying the playbook. Especially in my situation -- for the whole first week, I was not even allowed to go to practice."

Brandon Mitchell:

Some have looked at your size along with some of the other larger safeties and thought you might make a great linebacker. What are your thoughts on that?

"Not yet. Last year when I redshirted, on the scout team I worked a little linebacker because the linebackers for the Fiesta Bowl on Miami – their linebackers were a little faster than our scout team linebackers. Other than that, me and the other safeties have just been staying back. Thomas Matthews moved down because that was where he was recruited at. The other safeties, we are all planning on staying where we are at right now."

How tough is it to be in the starting four in the defensive backfield?

"You know, we have a lot of competition at safety. We have two starting corners coming back, and not too much experience at safety behind Will Allen. It is pretty hard for the safeties to get in. We are all battling. Every day is a battle. One day this person might do well. The coaches are telling us, "It is an all-out brawl, and whoever can be the best player August 30th, that is who we will play."

Recent interviews on Special Teams play with Nugent and BJ Sander.


Can you talk about your kicks not going into the end zone this year?

"If I get a touchback, they get the ball on the 20. So, it's almost like if I do my job the rest of the team is going to do their job."

You could swat them in the end zone then but are trying to get them hung up?

"Yeah, but when I get that real nice hang time, that guy has to catch it looking at the sideline – like that one that hit off the NC State guy right in the face. I mean, if you get that good hang time, our team – the longer the ball is in the air the farther down the field our team is, and that is the best part about it."

Doing anything different to get that hang time?

"Not too much different. Almost focusing on it a little bit more. It is almost not like I have two different heights from last year to this year, it is just the distance has gone down a little bit because I shortened my steps up to get the accuracy a little bit (better)."

How far do you feel comfortable in hitting a field goal?

"That is actually a good question. I always have to think about that when someone asks me. Probably like – what I tell the coaches, I tell Coach Bollman every series where the ball can be snapped from, where we will hit the field goal. I always tell him about the 35 to 37 yard line so that that would be like about a 52 to 54."

Does that change with weather conditions?

"Yeah, definitely. That's why I tell him before every single series. I don't just go and say before the game and say, ‘I'm good from here or here' because it could change every now and then. So, before every series I will tell him. Like Purdue last year there was a real strong wind with us and against us in each quarter, and I would tell him maybe like the 30 yard line one way and maybe like the 45 yard line the other way."

Does it help you working with Jeff Wilkins? How much has it helped?

"I think it has helped. It's kind of like someone who has been to the top, and he is still there and he gives you not really physical experience but someone telling you their experiences. It helps you out to gain the knowledge of what it takes to be at the top."

How did it come about?

"It was one of those things where I coached at certain camps that he attended also. We just got to work together like that so that was the best part."

B.J. Sander

How are you enjoying the season thus far?

"I am having a great time this year. I am very happy with the way things are going right now. There are still a few things I want to improve on. I want to get my net average up a little bit more, but overall I am very happy with the way this year has gone."

What are you doing to get your net average up?

"I am just trying to improve the hang time and placements of my punts. (I want to) try to get them more toward the sidelines to make it harder for their guy to catch it."

What sets Mike Nugent aside from place kickers on other teams?

"I really don't know what the kickers on other teams do, but I know Mike has a great work ethic. He goes out with a goal in mind every day, ‘I want to hit this many balls. I want to work on my accuracy from this hash or that hash, I want to work on kickoffs, and he goes out and he does it. As soon as he is done he packs up and leaves."

What do you see on special teams for Ohio State to improve upon? Is there a quick fix or will these areas be a work in progress?

"I think it is going to be a work in progress. The question was brought up today about the return yardage. There is really no easy way to fix that if they are not going to punt to our guys. The only thing we can really do is to try and put a little more pressure on their punter, see if he will kick a bad one, see if he will place it down the middle so we can have a chance to return the ball."

Carter seemed to get to the punter very quickly in scrimmages. Have other teams seen his speed and decided to scheme to slow him down?

"I think a lot of teams saw how fast Drew was in the first couple of games, and they are definitely designing their protection to take care of him first. That is just – sometimes we have the block set up right and a guy will get tripped up. It is just something that will come."

Can you talk about your protection on special teams? Michigan seems to be struggling, but nobody has been able to get in and block you this season.

"My punt team has done a great job this year. Our punt team – the line on our punt team, has done a tremendous job. A lot of that goes along with Kyle (Andrews)'s long snapping. He has done a great job putting the ball there for me every time."

Can you comment on Kyle's importance to this team?

"Oh, he is very important. I mean without him, me and Mike don't go. If we can't get the ball, there is no way we are going to be able to kick it."

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