Even More Good Quotes From Wisconsin Week(s)

We have even more good stuff from the Bucknuts.com quotebook as the Buckeyes focus on Wisconsin, Camp Randall Stadium, the state of the offense and much more.

With a showdown with Wisconsin on the docket this week, the OSU quotebook was overflowing. Here are some notable comments from OSU players as they prepared to face the Badgers:

* Defensive tackle Tim Anderson on the defensive line's ability to keep blockers off the linebackers: "We will sit in there, the four of us and take up six or seven blockers, as long as our linebackers run free and make plays. The great thing about this team is we don't care who makes plays and who gets credit for it. We just want the play to be made."

* Quarterback Craig Krenzel, a product of Henry Ford II High School in suburban Detroit, talks about going up against UW quarterback Jim Sorgi, a graduate of Fraser High, during their prep days: "I played against Jimmy as a junior and as a senior. We beat them my junior year, then they beat us when we were seniors. He was a great high school quarterback. He made a lot of plays and he was a good passer. He's done a great job at Wisconsin. He is great for their system. He can throw the ball deep well and get the ball to their play makers."

* Tight end Ben Hartsock on finally getting a road game in mid-October: "Everybody knows it will be good team and a physical team. I think we're most excited about the fact that we have a road game finally. The young guys haven't experienced that before and they aren't used to the whole routine.

"I think everybody is excited about playing in that stadium. I think for a lot of us that's our favorite stadium to play in besides the Horseshoe. They have great fans. We'll be playing under the night sky and it will be a little bit cooler. That stadium has a lot of energy. It's a college town. Their fans go above and beyond."

* Krenzel on playing in Camp Randall Stadium and the legendary marshmallows that cascade from the sky in the direction of the opposition: "I've heard a lot of stories about that. My first time going to Camp Randall, I heard a lot about that. They built something over the tunnel where we come out so the fans can't throw things at us as we come out. I've never had a bad experience there. I think the atmosphere near the stadium will be a lot of fun. It will be electrifying and we know it will be hostile. It's a great place to go and play."

* Hartsock on Krenzel's return to practice: "He stepped right back in like he never missed a beat. He knew what he was doing. I think with the off week that was an advantage for him to get his feet wet."

* Linebacker A.J. Hawk talks about being in a key game on what ESPN has determined to be Separation Saturday: "This is a big weekend. There are a lot of good teams matching up. This is probably the biggest Florida State-Miami game in a few years. This is a big game for us. It's a big challenge and we're looking forward to it."

* Hawk on going against the UW running game and tailback Anthony Davis, the last opposing back to get 100 yards against the Buckeyes: "They came out in the first half in that game and ran the ball pretty well on us. In the second half, we got that shut down."

* Hartsock on the UW defense: "They come at you real hard. They play a lot of base stuff. They are fundamentally sound, very strong and very physical."

* Krenzel on the struggling OSU offense: "There's a feeling that the offense might come back around. I think for the guys on offense the feeling is the offense has to come back around. We were touted as one of the strong points of the team and we haven't come anywhere near that expectation. We've had some flashes of good things and some bad things, like turnovers. We can't do that if we want to be able to win on the road in the Big Ten."

* Krenzel responds to a question regarding national criticism of the Buckeyes: "First of all, we don't listen to all of that national stuff. If we need someone at ESPN to tell us we're not playing well offensively, then we better evaluate who we've got on the field. It doesn't take a real genius to figure out we're not doing the things we need to do offensively. We're not putting the ball in the end zone like we should. It's something we need to work on and continue to improve on, minimize our mistakes and make more big plays. We need to establish a better running game and just have more consistency overall."

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