Buckeye Quotebook: More From Madison

We have more comments from the postgame locker room after the Buckeyes fell at Wisconsin Saturday night.

Here are some more notable quotes from the postgame scene at Wisconsin, where OSU fell 17-10 Saturday night:

* OSU coach Jim Tressel on the decision to punt the ball away, trailing 17-10 and facing fourth-and-13 at the UW 46-yard line with 3:40 left: "With fourth-and-13, as we talked to our defensive guys, we really felt if we kicked it down and had a couple timeouts, we could get it back fairly quickly. We felt we had a higher percentage of getting down there that way than by making it on fourth-and-13. There was some discussion (of going for it), but I think it was the right thing to do."

* Tressel on QB Craig Krenzel's return to action: "Coming back off an injury, he got his first game back in not great conditions. I thought early in the game, he took a couple of pretty good whacks. I thought he showed what he was made of by coming back and playing pretty well down the stretch. We didn't end up getting it done, but he's a guy you want out there."

* Tressel on TB Lydell Ross' status: "They cleared him to go back in later, but we chose not to. I think he is OK."

* Punter B.J. Sander on his fine day (four of seven punts down inside the 20 to go with a 44.3 average): "It was a good day, but it doesn't matter if we don't win."

* Flanker Drew Carter on his response to the loss: "It's sickening. It gives you a sick feeling in your stomach. I don't like that. I wish we could play right now, play the next game. But we have to come in tomorrow and it's a new day.

* Wisconsin WR Lee Evans, a Bedford, Ohio, native, on playing the team from his home state: "You know every time I play these guys, I'm always fired up ready to go. Early in the game, I had some opportunities when I was open to make plays and the ball just didn't come up. I stayed patient, let the game come to me. In crunch time, it came up and I made the play."

* Evans on whether this win was one of his biggest (No. 3 OSU was the highest ranked team UW has played at home since No. 1 Michigan in 1997 and the highest ranked team its beaten since No. 3 OSU in 1985): "Definitely, yeah. It ranks up there No. 2 probably to the Rose Bowl, No. 1."

* UW backup QB Matt Schabert on his pass to Evans for the game winning score: "We had been running a lot of those routes all day and we usually like to throw that when we get guys jumping. We came out and the coverage really wasn't there for us. I trust Lee. He runs great routes and the guy bit on it. I just threw the ball over the top and let him do the rest."

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