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We are back with our usual Thursday message board column for subscribers. In this edition, we examine why Penn State has fallen on hard times. We also provide a detailed analysis of the Nittany Lions' personnel and schemes. We also discuss Louis Irizarry, the offense without Drew Carter, the Big Ten race (and something that could bite OSU) and the start of the Ohio prep playoffs. Click here for details.

I have just completed another edition of The Buckeye Grove column, our special midweek column for subscribers.

This is a special column for Ohio State fans only. Some of the information is so sensitive it is not to go beyond the confines of the premium message board.

The Buckeye Grove forum (linked below) is now loaded with both this week's Buckeye Grove column and my Picks and Viewers Guide for Week 11 of the college football season.

In The Buckeye Grove column this week, we have:

* My in-depth analysis on Penn State's state of affairs, tracing it back through recruiting, as to why the Lions are on the verge of an unheard of third losing season in four years. This gives you all the ammunition you need to beat back the staunchest Blue-White supporter who wants to tell you their recruiting hasn't suffered.

* My thoughts on Louis Irizarry's predicament.

* My detailed analysis of the Penn State team as the Buckeyes prepare to visit Happy Valley.

* Comments from Bam Childress on what Jim Tressel wants his receivers to do (and not do) after they make a big play.

* A look at some special incentive the OSU seniors have to win at Penn State.

* Comments from several players on how OSU will handle the Drew Carter injury situation, including Craig Krenzel's honest answer about using Chris Gamble more on offense.

* My overview of the Big Ten race and a look at OSU's stretch run. Plus, a surprising Big Ten scenario that could come back to bite the Buckeyes.

* A look at some games to watch in the Ohio playoffs and more.

Plus, my picks and viewers guide are also on the same forum.

Remember, the Buckeye Grove is a premium forum. Subscribe today to join all the fun!

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