Massey gives the latest

Cleveland St. Ignatius DE Michael Massey is one of the few uncommitted players in the state of Ohio who has received an offer from Ohio State. Charles Babb caught up with him to find out the latest on his season and his recruiting situation.

How is the recruiting process going for you?

"It's going pretty well. It hasn't really changed much. It's down to Ohio State and Michigan really. I think I am going to make a visit to Ohio State and Michigan, and I think I am going to try to make one to BC."

What is holding you back from pulling the trigger right now?

"Yeah. I am not sure where I want to go yet. I know what I like and I don't like about each school, but I haven't really felt 100% comfortable at one school. So, that's why I am going to take my visits. I haven't had a chance to take visits because of our schedule for football. Our games are all on Saturdays. After the state championship game, I am going to get those visits done right away."

I have heard you might have been a bit nicked up lately. Is that right?

"Yeah, I partially tore my glut. So, it's just a real pain. Every time I get down in my stance or push off or run or do anything. I wasn't able to play offense for two games."

Are you being recruited as a DE, or are people talking to you about adding weight to your frame for inside or what?

"I am getting recruited at tight end actually pretty strongly at Michigan. This year I have done real well at tight end. You know, I think Ohio State is looking at me at both. Ohio State and Michigan are looking at me at both."

Do you have a preference for one of the two positions?

"I really don't."

Whatever gets you on the field?


What is one good thing about each school that you have really liked.

"The coaches. Both schools have real good coaches (from) head coaches all the way down to assistant coaches. With the whole recruiting process, that is one of the biggest things. They both are pretty good education schools too."

Does Pat playing at Michigan make a difference?

"I think the only difference it makes is that I am a lot more familiar with it than any other school. If he didn't go there, I don't think I would be nearly as familiar with it. Ohio State, with my other brother going there, I got to know that school. So, you know, I grew up when Jim was in college and Pat was still in high school, I was rooting for Ohio State big time. Now it has come the other way around."

Some would say that is a dysfunctional family…

"Yeah, kinda. (laughing)"

What assistants are recruiting you at each school?

"Coach Loeffler at Michigan. I think he is recruiting our area. Coach Tucker from Ohio State."

Do you have any kind of date in mind?

"I think Michigan is going to be my first visit. I think it is the first weekend after Thanksgiving. I am not sure yet though."

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