Excerpts from Ask the Insiders message board

Here are a few free excerpts from conversation on the club message boards.

Steve Helwagen chatting with a poster who questioned Craig Krenzel's vision:

"I don't know if I agree with you. In the game last week, the line gave him all kinds of time and twice he held the ball until he got sacked. Usually on those plays, he steps up or rolls out a little bit to minimize the loss. I'd rather have that than a forced pass that gets tipped and picked.

"I also thought this past week, he dumped the ball off underneath 2-3 times when nothing was open upfield. I don't discount what you say, however. Maybe we're seeing the same thing a little bit differently.

"And, honestly, with just a TV broadcast it's hard to know what really is transpiring downfield. I understand Iowa was "bracketing" Jenkins, putting 1-1/2 to 2 guys near him so Craig had to look to Carter and the tight ends. We can't see that on TV, where they just follow the ball, so I don't know exactly what he's supposed to be looking at or where the ball is designed to go on every play."

Duane Long with some assorted views on the Iowa game:

"The best receiver on the team right now is Drew Carter. Carter is catching everything and is a load to bring down once he gets it."

"The defensive line dominated in a spectacular and physical fashion, especially at DT. Pitcock and Patterson both played so well I am convinced both would be starters anywhere else in the Big 10. They are further along at the same point in their careers than Anderson and Scott. Carpenter is a better athlete and football player than Reynolds. He runs better and is more decisive. The only problem he has is whether he can find enough of his jersey to play this Saturday. On the fake field goal, I saw the worst non-call this year. The blocker had so much of his jersey that you could not see his number. He would have made the play."

"This was as good a special teams effort as I have ever seen. Sander in particular had a superb game. Everett is doing a fine job as a gunner. The way Underwood was playing on the other side, we would have had the best net punt average in the Big 10 if he had not gotten hurt. I have not checked, but we may well still have the best net average."

Steve H. on next year's starting OL:

"I'm going to guess that Sims will be at LT, Olds and Kne will be the guards and Mangold will be the center. That leaves RT for somebody to win between Datish, Barton, Coleman, Downing and anybody else."

Duane Long responding to a concern about Brett Gallimore visiting Michigan during the UM/OSU game:

"I think Gallimore is looking at both schools so you can't really say. I think it could be seeing an Ohio State-Michigan game too. One thing I like about it: I have spoken to player after player over the years that are disappointed at the fan reaction in the Big House. Ohio State fans are known to be overboard at times, but the plus side is the stadium literally rocking when things are going well."

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