Recruiting Update - Javier Estopinan

South Miami LB Javier Estopinan has long shown interest in OSU. We caught up with him for the latest.

How is the season going up to this point?

"My season is going pretty good. I have 79 tackles, 18 for loss, 4 ½ sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, and 2 caused fumbles."

What position – still playing only linebacker?

"Still linebacker, yes."

Are you being recruited by everyone only as a linebacker or have some discussed defensive end with you?

"Ohio State I am getting recruited as both defensive end and middle linebacker. Boston College is also recruiting me as a defensive end."

Who is calling you the most right now?

"NC State and Florida."

Who are your top teams right now?

"Really, my top schools are all in the race. Miami, Florida, FSU, NC State, and Ohio State."

Have they all offered?

"Yes – except Miami."

Some are going to be curious, why is Miami in your top 5 with no offer?

"It is not a childhood favorite, but it is just close to home. Although, I don't mind living out of state."

What position would you rather play in college and why?

"I would rather play middle linebacker because you have more control of the defense."

What is your current height/weight? Have you grown any since this Spring?

"I'm 6'3", 235."

How is the team doing?

"We're struggling a little bit. We're 4-3. We still have – our playoff berth is still alive."

Have you taken any official visits yet?

"I have two scheduled already – to NC State and Florida. I am waiting until Coach Snyder calls me to set up the one at Ohio State. I am waiting for Coach Steele to call to set up the one with Florida State."

Any idea on when you will make a decision? Will it be close to signing day?

"Oh no, it will be late December, early January."

What areas of your play do you feel you are really improving on this season?

"I would say reading the line and the backs."

Do you enjoy the responsibility at middle linebacker getting your defense in the right situations?

"Yeah. It's the best part about the game, the hitting. You know where everybody is going."

Are you qualified now?

"Yeah. I have a 2.6 and a 990 (on the SAT)."

What is one positive about each school that impressed you?

"Miami – They are in national championship contention every year, and it's close to home.

FSU – That one is my childhood favorite, and they (are) also year in and year out competing for the national title. The only thing that has me worried about them is Bobby Bowden leaving.

Florida – They've had two great recruiting classes. They're a young team, growing. I have a chance to start fast there.

NC State – Again, Chuch Amato is – you know he was a defensive guy at FSU. He wrestled, and I wrestle. It's a new growing team which means I can start early there too.

Ohio State – Ohio State is kind of a weird one because I've been going there since I was seven for wrestling camp. I grew to like it."

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