Gamble Ready To Relive Two-Way Role

With Drew Carter likely done for at least the regular season, OSU could turn to talented junior cornerback Chris Gamble to help out on offense. Gamble discussed that possibility and more following OSU's win at Indiana.

OSU cornerback Chris Gamble met with the media following his team's win at Indiana on Saturday. It marked the first chance reporters have had to talk to Gamble since the loss at Wisconsin, two weeks earlier.

In that game, the usually reliable Gamble fumbled a punt and also bit on an out-and-up pattern by UW receiver Lee Evans, who caught the game winning touchdown in the Badgers 17-10 win.

"After that, I just told myself I'm going to just work hard in practice each day to get better," Gamble said after helping the Buckeyes dismantle Indiana 35-6.

Gamble rebounded from that loss by intercepting a last-ditch pass against Iowa last week. Then, against Indiana, he went in on offense in the second half -- after starting flanker Drew Carter was lost with a knee injury -- and caught a 21-yard pass from Craig Krenzel. The flanker screen nearly led to Gamble's first receiving touchdown, but, alas, IU's Jake Powers dragged him down at the 1-yard line. One play later, Lydell Ross scored to put OSU up 28-0.

"That would have boosted me up a little more, but I got tackled at the 1," Gamble said. "I just tried to make something happen when I got the ball. I should have scored, but those things happen."

It has been kind of a quiet year for Gamble, who has concentrated almost solely on defense after splitting time between the two sides of the ball for the last half of last year. OSU coach Jim Tressel indicated a week ago that Gamble had dealt with some nagging injuries that led the coaches to limit his double duty. Plus, Carter‘s emergence did not make using Gamble on offense as such a priority.

"We've got Drew Carter, who's a great receiver," Gamble said. "He's a senior and I respect that. I wanted him to get a lot of plays. I thought I could get a couple plays on offense and then play on defense the whole time. I am having fun, but I used to be on offense and doing a lot of things. Now I just come out and work mostly on defense."

But that could change after news that Carter will likely miss the rest of the regular season with a torn ACL in his right knee. It seems possible that Gamble will rotate with Santonio Holmes, who had a huge game with six catches for 153 yards and two touchdowns at Indiana, as well as Bam Childress to replace Carter.

"I'm ready for it," Gamble said of the possibility of returning to a dual role. "Yeah, I'll be on offense most of the time, probably switching up with Santonio, and then also play on defense full-time. I know I will play a lot on offense. But at certain times, I will come out and get a breather and let Santonio play. If I do have to play the whole game, I‘ll do it. It will be like what I did last year. I just want to try and be better than last year."

Gamble is also hoping to relive another portion of last season by having another big game against Penn State this week. Gamble made his first career two-way start a memorable one last year with an interception return for a touchdown -- OSU's only TD -- in a pivotal 13-7 win.

"I just remember that game I had last year and I want to try to do the same thing as last year and just have fun," he said.

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