Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

A transcript of today's chat with Gary Housteau is now posted.

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:03:29 PM)
Hello's been a busy day already but fire away when you're ready...

Susan (Oct 30, 2003 1:03:45 PM)
Hello Gary. Have you spoken to Louis yourself or mainly talked with his parents?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:06:25 PM)
Hi Susan...I'll put it this way...I've did my homework and talked to many people about the incident.

BuckeyeDave (Oct 30, 2003 1:04:20 PM)
BuckeyeDave here. Ready to eat my fair share of crow after the Indiana game. I predicted 150 rushing yds and a 10-14 point win. I was happily way off the mark. Although the point spread was more a comment on JT's coaching style than it was on the offense.

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:08:03 PM)
I hope that everyone doesn't get too over-confident about beating Indiana the way we did....or Penn State for that matter... we should have beaten IU in that manner and we should handle Penn State easily as well.

BuckeyeDave (Oct 30, 2003 1:08:15 PM)
In the high school game, who are your picks to come out of each region in Division 1?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:10:30 PM)
Harding, Harding, Harding and Harding! Smile...

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:09:32 PM)
Another thing about Irizarry...I like to pubicly shy away from making any comments because of the relationships that I have with those players such as him and Reecie.

buckeyefan47 (Oct 30, 2003 1:10:44 PM)
Gary, I was hoping that you could give us a update or any news on how Drew is feeling? I would also like to send him my thoughts and prayers!

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:13:13 PM)
My thoughts and prayers are with him as well. What a horrible thing to happen to him. I'm sure he'll recover and have a shot at a career on the next level. I would guess he's feeling pretty down at this point, especially with another game day upon us. I don't know myself how he's doing but I'm sure he has a lot of support.

Susan (Oct 30, 2003 1:13:18 PM)
Since you're going to the PSU game will you not be attending any of the hs playoff games or are there some on Friday night?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:16:30 PM)
This may be the first time in my life that I'm actually bummed to be going to an Ohio State game. I would love to see Glenville and Iggy on Saturday. I have such an affinity for the Tarblooder program and they have a good chance to knock off Goliath on Saturday. But the Buckeyes come first. As far as Friday night goes...I'm going to watch Raymond Williams once again. I love watching this kid run with the football. They should rout Southeast I'm sure. Hoban and Lake Catholic should be a good game on Friday night as well and the Shoremen from Avon Lake would be a good D-II game to see.

oogatz (Oct 30, 2003 1:17:19 PM)
I understand LI has had temper problems before in HS, usually testosterone-related. Do you think the current incident is an isolated one and he will be back in the good graces of JT and the team soon? I have been expecting good things from him and was totally blown away by this incident and the fact that these things have apparently happened before. Hopefully, he can get control of things like Vrabel did after his "incident".

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:20:36 PM)
I can only speak about the Louis that I know. He's very well-mannered and his parents are great people. This came as a shock to most people that do know him well. I'm not condoning anything that happened with the incident but I am concerned more right now with the legal issues facing Louis than I am about him being a football player...right now. I hope he does what he has to do to make this right and move on and then go back to becoming a better football player. I think he can do both and I'm praying for that to happen.

DickAngle (Oct 30, 2003 1:20:41 PM)
Have you seen Brett Huffman out of Massillon play, he was a load before breaking his ankle

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:24:13 PM)
Dick Angle is the head coach at Howland...are you his fan club president? I saw Massillon play St. Ignatius this year and the only one I really concentrated on from the Tigers was their tight end who I thought was a tremendous player. I believe Rick Shepas had Huffman at Ohio Stadium one game and he looked to be a nice looking player but I don't have much knowledge about him.

buckeyefan47 (Oct 30, 2003 1:24:33 PM)
Gary, I know Penn State is down this year and has had great success in the past after a couple of tough loses on the road and at home, but do you really think they stand a chance against the bucks. I got 39-7

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:26:20 PM)
Not a chance! And I hope I don't have to hear the obnoxious lion noise over the loud speakers very much. I can not stomach that noise. Bucks win big on the road again.

oogatz (Oct 30, 2003 1:26:40 PM)
Is the OSU recruitment of Braxton over? Any surprises you are aware of as far as potential Ohio recruits?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:29:40 PM)
I don't believe it's over with Braxton but that depends on if we get Mitchum and one or two others or not. I think Braxton is on the back burner but I'm hearing through the grapevine that he might want to tag along with wherever Daryll Clark goes and that could be West Virginia. I am hearing from my peeps that Raymond Williams is now definitely on the OSU radar screen so that's a pleasant surprise.

oogatz (Oct 30, 2003 1:29:53 PM)
Is there any hope of Williams getting his academic house in order? Do you think it's a real possibility that he will go the prep school route and then OSU?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:33:14 PM)
I'm not giving up on him academically yet. Obviously he needs a qualifying test score and a boost in his GPA still but I'm not counting him out by any means. I just think if OSU shows him the proper respect, he will welcome them with open arms. I'd take him any way I could get him if I were OSU. He's too good to pass on.

Bucknut27 (Oct 30, 2003 1:33:17 PM)
I'm not condoning what LI did but when I was his age if I would have walked into my girls room and a guy would have been in there I would have probably did the same thing. I guess what we used to call fighting is assault now?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:36:18 PM)
I hear you bucknut27 but an assault is what it is now. Let's just let it play out in the courts, Louis will have his day next Thursday to face the music. It's unfortunate, I know some people don't like to hear that term used, but it happened and now Louis will have to deal with the ramifications.

BuckeyeDave (Oct 30, 2003 1:36:23 PM)
Who do you like in the Mish - Mich St game?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:38:43 PM)
Do you need to even ask that question. A loss from tsun is the equivalent to an OSU victory any week of the year. It's even sweeter if there is a lot at stake and they lose like it will be with MSU. A Spartan win this week will be way more pleasurable than a victory in Happy Valley this week. Smile!!!!

buckeyefan47 (Oct 30, 2003 1:39:03 PM)
Is Sian Cotton, in your opinion, going to make a impact next season? I followed him alot in hs but I don't hear anyone commenting on his progress or the potential this kid really has at this level? also is the Gambler going to see a lot of time this week on offense, or will Tressel hold him back a little still?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:43:23 PM)
I think it might be some time before Cotton actually makes an impact on defense at OSU. With Pitcock and Patterson being the two main guys in the middle, both big guys that are both playmakers, it will be hard for Cotton to be anything but a serviceable backup in the a David Thompson type career. As far as Gamble goes, I'd love to see him with the ball in his hands as many plays as possible. He's a playmaker, big time, and should be on the field more on offense. Why not? I don't understand it. You don't have to save a guy like Gamble, you exploit his talent to your advantage. Even the one screen play he had at Indiana was exciting. Did we all see it that way?

DickAngle (Oct 30, 2003 1:43:44 PM)
Gary, any idea idea where William Brody of Benny goes, he has just been dominating this year

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:46:33 PM)
I think his name will become more prominent after the season is over. I expect him to have a great postseason and more schools will pick up on him from watching Williams I'm sure. With Williams being uncommited, his teammates are going to get a lot of looks. I'm going to ask him Friday his situation and I'll post something next week.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 30, 2003 1:46:53 PM)
Everyone has always talked about Drew Carter's speed on the football field. How fast are Santonio Holmes and Chris Gamble, compared to Carter?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:50:06 PM)
From what I've been told by many accounts Carter is the fastest guy on the team, but it's like having filet mignon instead of porterhouse when you look at Holmes and Gamble as alternatives. But Carter's size and speed were truly a unique combination. I know Hall is stuck behind Jenkins, but I'd love to see him thrown in there on occasion as well.

Swin (Oct 30, 2003 1:50:18 PM)
There is a senior at Lyndhurst Brush(sp) this year that has gotten some scholarship offers. He seemed to have good size 6'5"-6'6" range 250 lbs and played some defense. I can't remember his name wondered if you had heard about this kid and if we was worthy of a scholarship to play OL at the OSU. thanks

Kirk (Oct 30, 2003 1:50:52 PM)
(Must be Alfred Martin... OSU still seems to be recruiting him)

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:54:32 PM)
Yes Kirk I believe it's Alfred Martin. I've talked to coach Mitchell about him and I've seen him in person at an OSU game. I was told last year by Mitchell that Martin would be the next great one from Brush after Hall and Frost. He has the requisite size but I think Brush's season may have hurt him some because the interest isn't there in the same way it was for Hall and Frost. But I have seen him at a game so I know he is on OSU's radar somewhere.

oogatz (Oct 30, 2003 1:54:49 PM)
I know you have repeatedly warned us about JT's penchant to "win ugly baby" but last weekend's offensive explosion was very 1998ish, when Germaine and Boston were lighting it up. Do you think JT's oft-quoted run for 200 and pass for 250 scenario and the variety of plays we saw last week was an aberration or something we'll see more of down the road? I loved the underneath throws to the backs and crossing routes and the rest of the play calling last week. It was like JT had an epiphany and decided we really will try to win rather than try not to lose.

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 1:59:20 PM)
See the victory at Indiana was a given in JT's mind so he allowed himself to freelance as a play caller if you will. There's no magic to it. He will be wild and crazy again at Penn State because he knows he has the dominant team and he can work on some of the plays that they work on in practice every week but never use in big games. When the tight games return...JT will return to his normal way of calling a football game. He's kind of being wild and free against Indiana and Penn State before he returns to the regimented JT that we all know as a coordinator. So in short, it's a two-week aberration and not a beginning trend. Sorry!

BuckeyeDave (Oct 30, 2003 1:59:33 PM)
Chris Gamble is so good that nobody throws at his half of the field. So, he's not getting the "pub" he got last year. Is his stock down enough that he'll hang on for another year or is he gone to the pros?

Kirk (Oct 30, 2003 2:00:57 PM)
(We're about at the top of the hour... be sure to get in any last questions for Gary)

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 2:02:00 PM)
I have him penciled in at cornerback next year already. And I hope they use him more on offense next year as well. So yes I believe he will return next year.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 30, 2003 2:02:10 PM)
Gary, have you seen Dionte Johnson play? Is he the answer for us at fullback?

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 2:02:58 PM)
Haven't seen him and I hope so!

BuckeyeDave (Oct 30, 2003 2:03:05 PM)
Please tell me John Hollins will get some playing time next year! (He has another year left , doesn't he?)

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 2:06:29 PM)
If he wants it yes he has another year. Boy wasn't he the man at Wayne? For whatever reasons he hasn't panned out at OSU and it might not get any easier for him next year either. I hope he gets some playing time in the future, he had that great spring game in 2001 in Crew Stadium I believe, but it hasn't translated over to Ohio Stadium.

Kirk (Oct 30, 2003 2:06:49 PM)
One last one then we gotta let Gary go...

DickAngle (Oct 30, 2003 2:06:54 PM)
just a quick YSU question, since you're from the area, is it time for Heacock to go, I know Tressel is a tough replacement, but YSU should not be struggling to be at 500

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 2:09:19 PM)
I can't say a bad word about Heacock, he's such a great person but he's not getting it done in the victory column the way we're use to at YSU from the Tressel years. It will be a hard move for Strollo to make if he has to let Heacock go. Give me an email DickAngle at i'm curious to know who you are and if we have mutual friends.

Kirk (Oct 30, 2003 2:10:23 PM)
Thanks for joining us today Gary!

GaryHousteau (Oct 30, 2003 2:11:40 PM)
Thanks for chatting everyone. I fully expect OSU to run the table and set up the big game at Ann Arbor. Let's hope the Irizzary issue is resolved quickly and move forward. The bucks in a big way on Saturday and Glenville will upset Iggy on Saturday as well. I can dream can't I???

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