Top Ohio OL talks about coming South

<b>Brandon Braxton</b> is one of the top offensive lineman in the midwest. What are the chances of him heading south?

At 6-6 and 300+ pounds, Brandon Braxton is one of the most heavily recruited offensive linemen in the country. The list of teams recruiting him could be read right off of the AP Top 10. He currently plays in Ohio, but could he be headed South?

"I haven't really narrowed it to a Top 5 yet," said Braxton, "but I can tell you the schools that I am interested in. I like Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Nebraska, Miami, Ohio State, and Michigan. I will take my five official visits to Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska, LSU, and Miami in December and January, but I don't remember the dates of them right now."

What are the chances we see Braxton in the south next year?

"I will be honest, my family is from Georgia. I grew up down there and I would really like to play in the south. It is too cold up here. If I go to southern school, my family has already said they would move back down there too."

Braxton's season is over, and now he can concentrate on the recruiting process, but don't expect a decision right away. Braxton would like to take all of his visits first.

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