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A transcript of today's club chat is now posted.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:01:48 PM)
Hello everyone...let's turn the heat up with some hot Buckeye questions!

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:02:02 PM)
What do you predict for Sat?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:03:08 PM)
Big win...much like Michigan State...especially if the weather is like this. In Y-town today it's cold, windy and somewhat snowing...good Buckeye defense weather. Smile!

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 1:05:08 PM)
Any early predictions for 11/22?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:06:54 PM)
Need you even ask that Kirk??? Just remember the closer the game is in Ann Arbor, the more comfortable Jim Tressel is. He'll have them right where he wants them. And with John Bellisari Navarre on the other team... it's money in the bank.

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:06:34 PM)
100 years and counting huh? Any special activities that you're aware of?

BuckeyeDave (Nov 13, 2003 1:06:51 PM)
I say, lets echo the JT line and concentrate on the business at hand first.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:07:23 PM)
Oh how cliche BuckeyeDave!

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:07:29 PM)
whats the latest on izziarry

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:08:04 PM)
is it going to be a red shirt yr for him

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:08:15 PM)
Didn't he already play?

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:08:38 PM)
i didnt know if he had too many plays in or not

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:08:45 PM)
I talked to him briefly at the game on Saturday and we just talked about being positive going forward and learning from this and I offered him encouragement. Legally... I don't have any updates yet.

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:05 PM)
He can't redshirt this year I believe.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:09 PM)
No redshirt year for stunner...

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:22 PM)
what was it about i mean he got into it with someone in his dorm right

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:24 PM)
I believe it played in a Big Ten game. Correct?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:47 PM)
let's put the incident behind us for now...

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:09:59 PM)
ok fair enough

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:10:36 PM)
Can you even imagine how pumped up the seniors are this year :)

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:11:40 PM)
About the seniors bucky....I know the younger guys underclassmen were already pumped for the seniors in the postgame presser last week... and Tim Anderson was really pumped already as well.

SmellyCat (Nov 13, 2003 1:10:44 PM)
Gary-Think we offer Ringer sometime soon?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:13:22 PM)
Smellycat...I hear that Ringer, like Ray Williams, has some academic issues yet to deal with so I don't think an offer is in the near future. Do you watch Friends...haha! (Smellycat).

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:13:27 PM)
Do you think Ray Williams will get an offer soon?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:15:07 PM)
In short...if soon is the operative word, then No! More like eventually...I sure hope so! From what I'm told...Nebraska would like Williams and Ferguson... I don't know if they'll get either but they like them both a lot.

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 1:15:15 PM)
Any thoughts on why Georgia hasnt offered D Walker?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:17:44 PM)
No...It seems like Ohio State is his home state team! I'm partial to Ohio guys and I think there is one or two left that can help their real home state team. But I'm more and more excited about Erik Haw with each passing week and I hope he leads Independence to the State title game!

homesickbuck (Nov 13, 2003 1:18:19 PM)
Should we be nervous at all regarding Fred Davis or Ted Ginn comitting to the Buckeyes?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:19:27 PM)
Not in the least bit homesickbuck! I can't yell it long enough and loud enough that both Ginn and Davis will pull a big Red OSU hat out of the bag on Jan. 3, 2004. I hope to be there!

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:18:24 PM)
how about the big 3 recruits freeman ginn and what is it davis are they all set on playing together?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:20:06 PM)
Forget about Ford, Chrysler and GM stunner... OSU will have the Big 3!

SmellyCat (Nov 13, 2003 1:20:20 PM)
Anything new with punters, either Kucek or Lonie? I guess Lonie has an offer and Kucek does not.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:22:37 PM)
I like what I've read about Lonie...I didn't see him at the game last week...I missed him. But I've seen Kucek do it on the gridiron and if OSU should end up with him somehow, then that's not bad at all. Kucek has a big-time leg. But so does Lonie from what I'm told.

Susan (Nov 13, 2003 1:22:46 PM)
I heard that Lydell told someone that the practice on Tuesday was incredible, that everything and everybody was clicking, rolling along like a well oiled machine. Gary, have you been privy to how practice has looked this week?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:24:52 PM)
Hi Susan...No I haven't heard anything about practice but I know from following JT for so long that November is the month to keep getting better and better. See you at the game Saturday!

NapervilleBuck (Nov 13, 2003 1:24:58 PM)
Hi, Gary...thanks for taking time to do this. I was interested to see how you'd rate the Top 5 Seniors for the class of 2005. Thanks!!

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:29:26 PM)
First off, don't ever bet Nape a brats (inside joke)... Wow 2005! Number one is Wells...two is the receiver from St. Joes, Lihty?...three is the receiver from Benedictine...#80... four is Devon Jones from Glenville....All great skill players... hows four for right now off the top of my head...Hope to see you again sometime Nape!

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:29:57 PM)
who thinks that reynolds in the middle and carp on the outside, that or defense is actually better

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:31:50 PM)
Anytime Carpenter is on the field ... that's a good thing...Reynolds is an unsung hero of the defense...very solid... Pagac is solid...There will be no decline in performance although I hope D'Andrea's injury is not serious.

Guest (Nov 13, 2003 1:32:00 PM)
What are our chances with Mitchum and/or Gallimore?

NapervilleBuck (Nov 13, 2003 1:32:13 PM)
I guess I worded it wrong, Gary...I meant next years class with Manningham, Lenix, Ringer, etal. And I had your brats...albeit a year late(vbg).

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:34:57 PM)
Manningham one, O'Neal two, Sutton three, Ringer four, Lenix five, and for good measure Boone...six. Lineman aren't as glamorous as skilled players. Very tentative list right now. Only Boone is playing on in the postseason of the group.

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:35:04 PM)
will the buckeyes offer Orten from huber heights wayne?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:35:59 PM)
My guess is yes! Would he accept? Yes! Is he a priority? Probably not!

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 1:36:06 PM)
FYI I met Freeman at a bowling alley in the Huber Heights area last Friday night. He was with his gf and her family. He was such a nice, well spoken kid. Amazing really. Anyway he said that OSU always led and that JT and Willingham were head and shoulders above every other coach he met, honest sinceer and just seemed like great men. I also asked about his two buddies up north. (Ginn, Davis) His only comment was, one is in the bag, the other is almost there.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:38:46 PM)
Marcus Freeman is a tremendous young man...on and off the field, period. The only thing I differ with him on is that I say both are in the bag. There's this issue of early enrollment with Davis and Ohio State is the only school in the picture on that! Seals the deal. Ginn is the lock he was referring to I'm sure.

worthabuck (Nov 13, 2003 1:38:54 PM)
Gary, with the way Delbert was progressing, do you feel that an offer from the bucks was in the works? Given Tressel's relationship with the Harding coach and his ties to the area, do you think he extend an offer if Delbert's healing was coming along well? He could red shirt, heal and be ready to run in 2005.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:43:14 PM)
I have to admit how shocked I was when I spoke with the Harding coaches last Friday night (watching Steubenville and Beaver Local game-great game btw). They couldn't speak highly enough about Ferguson and how he was assimilating into their offense prior to the injury. In so many words...they thought OSU should roll the dice on him because he would be a great fit in their offense. One of their coaches was a full back/running back for JT at YSU and knows his offense intimately. The highest of compliments from his own coaching staff. That's the kind of stuff I like to hear. They said he still plans to enroll early to rehab at his new school and possibly play spring ball. That injury should heal stronger than it was before. Yes his injury is coming along cast.

BuckeyeDave (Nov 13, 2003 1:43:40 PM)
I had a bad angle for the "late hit" on CK at the game Saturday, South Stands and all. Was it really close or was it a blown call by the zebras?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:45:20 PM)
People down on the field were telling me it was a good hit...good call by the guys in stripes. I didn't see it good myself... down the north endzone at the time.

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:45:31 PM)
How can you be sure the scum boosters won't get to one of them like they did burgess

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:45:32 PM)
do you think prescott is having 2nd thoughts now that the villanis moc is no longer around

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:48:45 PM)
I think we lose Manningham to the school up north. That's just my gut feeling. The Michigan guys in Warren will see to that! No, Prescott has no regrets about going north. As I said before, the way he put the announcement in our face on national TV, just days after winning the national title, tells me he deserves to play for that school. Him and Crable both. Both great players in high school IMHO.

Susan (Nov 13, 2003 1:49:01 PM)
Gary...Last week you stated that Clarett's status as far as returning next year or not will be clearer in December. I know you didnt want to elaborate and I'm not asking you to do so, but don't you think his latest escapade to Vegas, ringside seats with the stars, etc. gives us the answer?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:51:16 PM)
Yes Susan it does, but until or unless there is another shoe that drops sometime before the year is out, be it xmas or new year, I think he still has a very outside shot. He needs another year at Ohio State more than Ohio State needs him for another year. The NFL doesn't think very highly of a loose cannon like Reecie!

BuckeyeDave (Nov 13, 2003 1:51:28 PM)
Susan - I haven't seen any of that stuff. Is it or will it be posted to the new links page or do you have other sources?

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 1:51:42 PM)
It was in the Plain Dealer, as reported by Roger Brown.

#1stunner (Nov 13, 2003 1:52:10 PM)
Why can scum get the out of state talent from cali and the south and most of the top 100 have scum in thier list but very few have ohio state? We just usually get the second tier guys from florida, sure some have turned out to be great like gamble and jenks but we don't ever get the steve breastons. Am I off base here or do I have a valid gripe?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:52:20 PM)
Good old Roger Brown in yesterdays PD.

Susan (Nov 13, 2003 1:53:30 PM)
Here's the link to the Plain Dealer story 

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:55:09 PM)
You have a valid gripe! Michigan is the school that ND only could dream of being. Unfortunately that's how it is and they happen to be our number one nemisis! I'll take Ohio kids along with a few Florida kids anyway. This is our state...this is our team.

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:55:31 PM)
With all the seniors leaving, what do you think we'll look like next year?

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 1:56:57 PM)
Great defense! Great special teams...suspect offense! Gee that sounds familiar!

bucky (Nov 13, 2003 1:57:38 PM)
Is the OL our biggest concern?

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 1:57:57 PM)
Not sure if you all saw this but page 2 (espn) has an article on MoC...

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 1:57:58 PM)

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 2:01:08 PM)
Yes.... here's my O-line game one.... Kirk Barton right tackle...Sims left tackle...Mangold center...Tim Schafer right guard...Olds left guard. Just a hunch. R.J. Coleman should be a candidate. I think Schafer will be the biggest surprise. He looks absolutely great in uniform and is really filling out. Big guy. Barton looks great as well.

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 2:01:15 PM)
Just one more question and then we'll let Gary go for the day... I can stay for a few min and answer any extra questions you might have

Susan (Nov 13, 2003 2:01:29 PM) you think Louis will be permitted to play in the bowl game?

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 2:01:31 PM)
Gary, what roll do you see Whitner in next year, replace Allen, take over a corner spot? How do Underwoods, Yabouty(sp) fit in?

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 2:01:39 PM)
(Ok, two questions :)

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 2:05:03 PM)
I don't know Susan! That's a tough one. I'll yield to the legal issues first and if he can get past that with some community service and he makes amends for the situation, then he may be able to travel. It's a great experience for him. I think he will continue to play with the scout team for the near future.

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 2:09:35 PM)
Whitner is the Doss of the defensive backfield for the next three years. Gamble will or should be back...what has he done to deserve going pro this year??? The talent in the secondary is ridiculous. Look at Everett making big plays here and there. Just a ton of talent. I see E.J. probably as the third corner still. I don't think they will move Fox with all of his experience there. Youboty showed a lot in the spring but hasn't had much of a chance to show his skills this year. And then Ginn and Brandon Underwood come in next year as well. There's a ton of great secondary candidates at corner and the safety positions. It's a good problem to have I guess unless you're one of the players or their family members.

Susan (Nov 13, 2003 2:09:40 PM)
Thanks Gary. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Kirk (Nov 13, 2003 2:10:22 PM)
Thanks for stopping by today Gary!

C'ville_Buck (Nov 13, 2003 2:10:51 PM)
Thanks Gary/Kirk

GaryHousteau (Nov 13, 2003 2:11:36 PM)
Thanks for the chat everyone. Dress warm if you go to a high school game tomorrow night and for the Buckeye game Saturday. I'm hoping that Independence beats Brookhaven and Benedictine beats Lake Catholic so the two best running backs left can move on. Have a great Buckeye weekend!

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