Senior Day Photos

The OSU seniors played one last game at Ohio Stadium on Saturday, and we have some photos of the ceremonies (taken by Steve Helwagen, Susan Z, and Gary Housteau) posted now.

The seniors lead the walk to the stadium (Steve Helwagen)

Senior cheerleaders get introduced (SusanZ)

Will Allen is introduced (SusanZ)

Allen shakes hands with the coach (Steve Helwagen)

Maurice Lee is introduced (SusanZ)

Craig Krenzel (Steve Helwagen)

Craig Krenzel shakes hands with the coach (SusanZ)

Darrion Scott is introduced (SusanZ)

Ben Hartsock (Steve Helwagen)

Alex Stepanovich (Gary Housteau)

Drew Carter makes his way to the coach, with Adrien Clarke right behind

Craig Krenzel (Gary Housteau)

Darrion Scott (Gary Housteau)

Michael Jenkins (Gary Housteau)

Fred Pagac makes a call to his father; Robert Reynolds with a big smile (Steve Helwagen)

Will Allen (Gary Housteau)

Will Smith was the final senior introduced (Steve Helwagen)

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