Dr. Recruitnik - Defensive Tackle Analysis

"Dr. Recruitnik" is back, and today he has a look at an area at which Ohio State seems pretty stacked - Defensive Tackle.

Question: Does any college team in the nation have a better pair of defensive tackles than we did last year with our own Tim Anderson and Kenny Peterson?

Answer: Yes. We do this year with Tim Anderson and Darrion Scott.

Peterson was one of the most touted defensive linemen in the country coming out of Canton McKinley (with Jamar Martin) but it took him nearly four years, bulking up, and sliding down to the inside before he had his standout season and moved on to Sunday ball. Scott took a similar route but got there quicker. He was both the West Virginia basketball and football player of the year four years back and came to Columbus as a big quick linebacker. Soon, he was a bigger quicker defensive end. This year, he is a bigger stronger defensive tackle with a bad ankle that is not yet 100%. And next year? He will be playing somewhere on Sunday.

Tim Anderson is 100% mutant and a 103% throwback OSU guy. A heavyweight wrestling champ during his high school days in Clyde, Ohio, Tim has been anchoring the D-Line quietly but magnificently for the past two years. Mutant? How about a 500+ pound bench press and a 34-inch vertical leap! He will make another leap to the No Fun League in the spring…

Question: Does anybody in the nation have a better pair of defensive tackles than we have now in our own Anderson and Scott?

Answer: Yes. We might. Just take a look at the "Killer P's".

P1): Quinn Pitcock - This is a guy that Duane Long said he would project in the NFL when Quinn was still a junior at Piqua. He led the Piquods down on kick-off returns and ran the ball as a fullback - at over 300 pounds! Immensely strong and unusually agile, he has replaced Darrion Scott most of this season without missing a beat. In one game, he had 2.5 tackles-for-loss. Quinn is football smart and he will just get better and better.

P2): Joel Penton - Coaches in Penton's high school league - when he played for Van Wert - said that Joel would be better than Pitcock. He can play both inside and outside so he might not be a tackle. But he is tireless, athletic and very smart.

P3): David Patterson - Hard to believe after hearing about Pitcock and Penton, but the Ohio State staff is even more excited about Patterson. Duane Long called him "a bigger Warren Sapp". And as good as the guys were ahead of him this year (Anderson, Scott, Pitcock, Penton, and Green), the staff still chose not to red shirt David. Now, that's saying something.

As if that shouldn't be enough inventory, let's see who else is lurking in the tackle cupboard.

Well, you have Marcus Green. Marcus was dinged for most of this season but started the year in the two-deep. He is less deep than he was last year, having shed some 20 pounds to get down to a svelte 300 or so. He will continue to be rotated in at some two-deep position. Also on the roster: Derek Coker has been listed as a freshman walk-on tackle.

But there are two more freshmen to get excited about: Sian Cotton and Brandon Maupin. Sian seemed like a perfect offensive line guy but he insisted he wants to play defense. He was a good enough athlete that he started on the James Gang world tour with Lebron last season in Akron. He will play somewhere. Even more exciting might be the beast known as Brandon Maupin. Brandon is a raw but undeniable talent who should be about 6'6" and 300 pounds when he debuts as a red-shirt freshman next season.

So, in terms of eligibility, next year the starting Killer P's will all be sophomores. Green will be a junior. Maupin and Cotton will be freshmen (again). Not a great deal of urgency in that pipeline!

As an interesting aside, Tim Schafer is technically a defensive tackle but he was smart enough to be moving to the Other Side. Yet…

Which takes us back down the recruiting trail. The Insiders board of experts show us in on six three-star (or better) defensive tackles. The best seems to be Aaron Jones but this Orlando native often does not include us in his top five. That's a bad sign. Others that we have allegedly offered include Joe Joseph (who often projects as an offensive lineman), Pat Sims (Dillard High in Florida), Antonio Dixon (Miami-based) and Richard Clebert (ditto). We have heard nothing to indicate Clebert or Dixon have a real interest in the Buckeyes. Sims seems to be the best lineman with whom we have a real shot. Dillard High (Ft. Lauderdale) has been good to Ohio State in the past, although we did lose Stanley McClover last year on S-Day. While we are ruminating, another favorite of the Bucknuts site is the ever-popular Frank Morton who might (or might not) be visiting and he might (or might not) have an offer and he might (or might not) be outstanding. You can decide…

On Mr. Bucknuts' terrific chart of tackles being recruited, he also lists Demarrio Pressley. But this five-star prospect hasn't mentioned the Bucks in his top ten recently so we might as well just speculate about Morton.

And further down the road in Ohio? There are two potentially great ones coming up: Todd Denlinger from Troy and Antwon Hight from Canton McKinley. We are way in big on Denlinger - just have to see if he keeps progressing next year. Hight? A marvelous talent with unlimited (think Patterson, Pitcock, etc) talent who might not make the academic cut-off.

Dr. Recruitnik sez…We will only go for a high quality get here with all the talent on hand and two nationally-ranked kids coming out of Ohio next year. If we only had 18-20 schollies for this class, I would see skipping it altogether. But, with 25 openings, there will be at least one addition to the D-tackle roles.

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