Ted Ginn's Excellent Recruiting Adventure, Pt. 1

Ted Ginn, the top rated recruit in Ohio, began his official visits this weekend with a trip to Michigan. What did he think of the visit?

Ted Ginn Jr. is a lot like Donte Whitner. They both don't show a whole lot of emotion and they both don't do much talking off of the football field.

Ginn, who had to have been one of the top recruits at the OSU-Michigan game if not thee top one, didn't have a whole lot to say after his visit to Michigan, good or bad.

"It was fun, it was cool," he said. "There weren't really any big expectations; I was just going there to see what they got and see what was going on and enjoy myself."

Ginn said that he did indeed enjoy his weekend at Michigan, and he enjoyed watching the game of which he had former Glenville teammates playing on both sides, namely Whitner from OSU and Pierre Woods from Michigan.

"It was a great game," said Ginn, who made the visit to Michigan with his mom and dad. "I didn't take any sides, I was just there watching the game. They both did some good things in the game."

Woods, who played well defensively for the Wolverines, got to spend some quality time with Ginn over the weekend.

"Pierre was my host so I talked to Pierre," Ginn said. "It was cool, we had some fun. After the game I went out to eat and then me and Pierre went out for the evening. I woke up Sunday and ate and that was it."

On his first day there, Ginn was formally introduced to the two sports at Michigan that he will be participating in at the next level.

"I went to the (football) walk through or practice," he said, "and I talked to the track coach on Friday."

In all, Ginn said he got to know Michigan a little bit better than he had before the official visit, his first of five consecutive weekend visits.

"I knew a lot about them already, so nothing really caught my attention," he said. "But I saw more than what I usually see."

He was referring mainly to the academic side of Michigan. After his athletic career is over he said he wanted to be a teacher and coach, like his father.

"I finally got to look into the academics a little better than what I knew about it so that caught my attention a little bit," he said. "It was nice to see the academic part and see how track and football go hand-in-hand."

As far as any comparisons went for Ginn between the two schools that he watched do battle on the gridiron."

"They both go crazy for the home team," he said.

With one official visit down and four more to go, the timetable remains the same for Ginn.

"I'm going to see how all the visits go and then I'll probably have it all settled," Ginn said. "I'll announce it at halftime at the (U.S. Army All-American) game."

Next, Ginn will go to the University of Pittsburgh this coming weekend and he'll take in the Pittsburgh and Miami contest, before going on to Ohio State Dec. 5, USC on the 12th and then he'll finish up with Miami on the 19th.

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