Excerpts from Ask the Insiders message board

Here are a few excerpts from recent discussion on the Ask the Insiders message board.

Duane Long on QB Bobby Reid's decision to visit OSU and on FL QB prospect Xavier Lee:

"The timing is just odd. After a relatively early verbal he is going to take another visit. Only one more visit. He is going to take it just two weeks before he is to enroll. If I were an Oklahoma State fan I would be worried about this.

"I think Lee is FSU all the way. I have not seen Reid. I have seen Lee. I was super impressed with him. Reid is rated higher."

Duane on if he thinks Ben Person can contribute right away at OSU:

"I really do. He is a fine OL. Because he is not a natural tackle, he is not getting the credit he deserves. He has the feet of a tackle; he just doesn't have that reach and length that you are looking for in a tackle. He is a tough-minded kid who was raised to understand the importance of hard work. He mowed lawns to make money over the summer. A kid with a summer job these days??? Nothing in life worthwhile comes easy? What a concept. His weight is up a little, but he won't stand for that. Last time we were passing e-mails you could feel the disgust in his letter. He will arrive in shape, and like all freshmen he is going to take his lumps early, but this one won't go moping. He will get up and work harder so the next time it will be him handing out the lumps. I believe in this kid completely. I see a captain here. He won't be the most vocal, but you can bet he will lead."

Steve Helwagen on Craig Krenzel and the decision to re-insert him in the fourth quarter against UM:

"I am not a Craig Krenzel detractor. Is he a great thrower a la B.J. Symons? No. Is he a good to great college quarterback? Yes, in my opinion. He does good things (running, limiting turnovers, recognition of defenses, etc.) that help you win games.

"Should McMullen been given more of a chance? Possibly. I particularly believe Tressel erred by not playing him at Wisconsin and at least splitting duties there with Craig. As far as this last game, I'm not sure I get the rationale of putting CK back in down two touches with 7:55 left. That was when you needed McMullen in the hurry-up."

Charles Babb after being asked if Anthony Schlegel is going to live up to the hype:

"If the players are to be believed - yes. He is all of that and a bag of chips. The thing with Schlegel (question in my mind) will be one of speed. Can he cover a TE if necessary? If not, then OSU needs to put two very quick LBs on either side of him and then just let him gobble up the middle of the field."

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