Recruiting Updates - Ferguson, Kennedy

Warren Harding RB Delbert Ferguson gives the latest on recruiting and his injury situation. Also, we have the latest on Ft. Lauderdale prospect Dennis Kennedy.

Delbert Ferguson is a player who did not have a fortunate season. The RB that I was so high on (and still feel is a great ballplayer) saw his season come to an end due to injury and saw offers pulled as a result. Things are going well in the healing process though.

"It's coming along. I'm doing some walking already," he said. "The doctor says I'm healing faster than they expected. I could be working with weights in a month."

Syracuse and Nebraska have offered and they're still coming in on him. Michigan State and Iowa pulled back their offers.

"I like Nebraska right now because of the tradition and they're winners," he said.

Has Delbert heard the reports of Coach Solich at Nebraska being out of the job?

"Yes, I've heard about them," he said. "But there is also talk of Coach Pelini getting the job. I know him. He's from the area, so even if Coach Solich goes, that doesn't mean Nebraska's out."

Syracuse would also be a good situation for Delbert.

"Walter Reyes is from Youngstown," Delbert said. "He's been talking to me. That would be a good situation for me with a back to learn from in my first year."

"I am really still undecided though," he said. "I am going set up December visits."

Meanwhile, Ohio State is contacting him, but an offer hasn't come.

"I have heard from Ohio State," Delbert said. "They've offered me an opportunity to come in as a walk-on and earn a scholarship."

Delbert is still thinking about going to school early.

"I am out of school. As of a week ago Friday, I am finished," he said. "I am thinking about going on to school and doing my rehab there."

Dennis Kennedy, a 5-10, 190 (4.4) DB/RB from Ft. Lauderdale Stranahan, is a player who has shown solid interest in Ohio State. He came up to attend the Purdue and NC State games. He said that he does not have an offer yet from Ohio State but does have offers from Nebraska, Wisconsin, and East Carolina.

Ohio State's recruiting him as a running back, while Nebraska and Wisconsin are recruiting him as a DB. He missed the last two games of the season and ran 960 yards this year.

"They were the first school that came after me hard," Dennis said. "My younger cousin loves them. He's a top sophomore player at Deerfield."

Would Dennis rather play DB or RB?

"Wherever I can help the team," he said.

Dennis also plays basketball. He wants to play football, but basketball is an option for college. He plays point guard.

"As a matter of fact, I just scored twenty points in a game earlier tonight," he said.

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