Recruiting Update - Mike Massey

We recently caught up with St. Ignatius DE/TE Mike Massey for an interview for Ohio High magazine. We now have a few quotes from him that didn't make the issue.

How are you doing in the recruiting process? Are you still down to just Ohio State and Michigan?

"Yeah, yeah – pretty much. I went to the Ohio State-Purdue game and then I went to the Ohio State-Michigan game too, so I saw the best of both squads. Then I am taking two official visits; Ohio State I am going December 5, and Michigan I am going December 12."

After that when will a decision come?

"Hopefully pretty soon to tell you the truth. I have scheduled a visit to BC (Boston College). I just wanted to make sure I have something else to look at if I am not sure about the two. My first two are Ohio State and Michigan."

What are you most looking forward to at college?

"The opportunity to face good – elite – players. Competition. Hopefully, we will win the Big Ten wherever I go and get the best experience out of it that I can."

You feel you thrive on competition?

"Yeah, you know, I think it's fair to say that if you don't put yourself in fair competition and compete against the best, you're not going to get any better. That's what I think everyone wants to do – is get better, so I think it will be real interesting."

Four years down the road if you had a crystal ball, what would your dream scenario be?

"Just to have a great group of friends, have no regrets, and hopefully be competing for the national championship and the Big Ten title."

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