Ted Ginn's Excellent Recruiting Adventure

Top Ohio recruit Ted Ginn took his second official visit this past weekend as he checked out Pittsburgh. Gary Housteau caught up with him to get his impressions on the visit.

A week after being in Michigan Stadium to witness the Big Ten championship between Ohio State and Michigan on his official visit there, Ted Ginn Jr. was in Heinz Stadium watching the visiting Hurricanes of Miami take on the Pittsburgh Panthers on his second official visit.

"It was all right," Ginn said. "It was cold but it was a good game."

The weather aside, it's safe to say the game didn't have the usual ambience that he's accustomed to in Columbus and Ann Arbor.

"It was a little different atmosphere than what I've been used to," Ginn said. "There probably wasn't that many people but it was cool though."

And he was able to enjoy the main attraction of watching Heisman Trophy candidate, Larry Fitzgerald in action.

"As a fan watching it, it was kind of positive that Larry Fitzgerald scored since he was getting shut out the whole time," Ginn said. "I liked watching him play."

And he thought about what it would be like trying to cover him while he was watching him play.

"I know a little bit of their scheme so it's a challenge," Ginn said. "It would definitely be a challenge."

One of the Pittsburgh players that showed Ginn around on his visit knows a little about what it's like to try and cover Fitzgerald.

"When I got there they hooked me up with number 27, Tutu (William Ferguson), he showed me around," Ginn said. "I talked to him, we talked a lot, he showed me the ropes. I basically stayed by myself the first day because I didn't really have a host. I stayed in my room by myself but during the day when I was there, I was with him."

William Ferguson is a senior defensive back and a three-year letter-winner at Pittsburgh.

"The next day I hooked up with Mike Phillips from Warren Harding," Ginn said. "We were talking and he was telling me some things. It was a great stay, good food, good atmosphere and a cool place to be."

And Ginn gave Walt Harris passing marks on his visit as well.

"He's a good coach," Ginn said. "Even though they lost, he still had his head up and he told the kids to keep their head up, so he was a good coach."

Despite the early whispers of Harris being mentioned as a leading candidate for the Nebraska job, Ginn was indifferent to such speculation.

"I haven't even heard that," he said. "It probably wouldn't effect my decision but it might. I don't know."

Of course, the ability to run track or not will effect his decision.

"They said that I could run track but I didn't really talk to the track coach that much," Ginn said. "I talked to him the first time I went up there way back in July or sometime last year I talked to him. They said I can do it so I'll take their word."

Ginn said that Pittsburgh has good track facilities in addition to the NFL stadium where they play college football. The Pittsburgh Steelers are co-habitants of Heinz Field in downtown Pittsburgh but Ginn said that's not any reason in itself to attend the University of Pittsburgh.

"A field can't make me have a decision but it was a great field," he said.

Ginn wrapped up his official visit on Sunday.

"I had breakfast and then talked to the DB coach and talked to Walt Harris and then I came home," he said. "I was feeling good, I had another great visit again."

He mentioned there were a lot of Florida kids on campus who were on an official visit and there were also three other guys there in addition to Ginn that will be playing in the All-American Bowl game. And he saw Fred Davis at the football game but he wasn't there on an official visit.

"A couple of guys there are going to visit Miami and they were trying to hook-up with the time that I was going," Ginn said.

Davis and a mutual good friend, Marcus Freeman, among others, will be at Ohio State with Ginn on an official visit to that school next weekend. Freeman already is an OSU verbal and he is set to enroll at Ohio State in January.

"I don't know what to anticipate," Ginn said. "I'm just going to go and see what they've got for me."

In addition to viewing the football aspect of each of his visits, Ginn says he's secretly rating them on some other important criteria as well.

"I'm also looking at the academics and the track program and see how that goes hand in hand," he said. "I have to see what makes me comfortable when I sit down with my parents, and see what makes them comfortable."

For the second week-in-row, Ginn's visit had an added Ohio State flavor to it. Last week the Buckeyes played in Ann Arbor on his visit to Michigan and then Ginn met Cris Carter on his Pittsburgh visit.

"I saw Cris Carter. Fitzgerald is his nephew or something," Ginn said. "We took a picture and he shook my hand and I told him I was a track guy and stuff like that."

Next week in Columbus, there will be a great deal of Ohio State flavor on what will be his third official visit. It's the biggest recruiting weekend of the year for Ohio State and Ginn will be right there in the thick of it.

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