Recruiting Update - Jacky Claude

Miami Edison OL Jacky Claude was originally scheduled to visit Ohio State this weekend but had to postpone because his team is still playing. We caught up with him recently for a chat about recruiting and more.

When is your visit to Ohio State?

"That was supposed to be this Friday, but it's going to have to be postponed because my team is still in the playoffs. We are in the finals. This is the game to the championship game."

When do you plan to reschedule?

"I haven't rescheduled it yet because I haven't talked to anybody (coaches) yet. They know what is going on though.

What schools are your top 5 right now?

"You guys (Ohio State), NC State, Florida State, Auburn, and Miami."

What is one positive thing about each school?

OSU – "I like Ohio State because I have been up there for the camp. Everything about it was cool."

Florida State – "I like them because they are right there (close), and the offense is tight."

NC State – "I like the offense too."

Auburn – "They're cool."

Miami – "It's right there (close)."

"Everybody has something special about them."

Does early playing time versus a redshirt make a difference to you?

"Nah. It doesn't matter. If I'm happy and my surrounding is cool, everybody is nice, and it's easy to get along with everybody – it won't matter if I start now or play later."

When will you be making a decision?

"My last visit is January 30th."

So it will probably be signing day before you decide?

"Yes – signing day."

Will you be narrowing down the list before then?

"No, I'm just going to keep it open."

Is it true that you were wanting a package deal with a few of your friends, or was that a rumor?

"No, a rumor."

Why do you enjoy playing offensive line?

"Everything about it is cool, especially when the defense doesn't know where you are coming from, and you're hitting them. The pulling, the trapping, all of that stuff (I like). Run blocking is my favorite."

When you look at teams, are you watching their offense to see if they run the football a good deal?

"I look at the way the offense plays. If they strictly stay run, run, run, run, run, run, etc. Run, run, run is good, but sometimes you like to pass block too. If the offense is balanced and the running game is pretty cool – all that stuff – I look at that too."

Ultimately, how do you plan on making your final decision – what will be the criteria?

"The people. It's not all about football. After football season, are the people still going to be nice to you?"

What is your planned major right now?

"I'm undecided."

Do you have any hobbies outside of playing football?

"Either I'm watching a football game, or I'm playing it on Playstation 2."

What team do you normally play with?

"On Madden I have created my own team. On college, I switch around and play a whole bunch of teams."

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