Recruiting Update - Anthony Reddick

Anthony Reddick from Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas was in town for a visit this weekend, and we caught up with him to talk about what he thought.

Anthony Reddick, CB, Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

Height -> 6'1"

Weight -> 190

Time -> 4.5

Who was your host?

"Nate Salley."

Were there any other players besides Nate that you spent a lot of time with?

"Chris Gamble and Santonio Holmes"

What were the high points?

"The team was together. It was like - everyone on the team was on the same page. I liked the city. I had a great time. There was nothing bad about it at all."

Who are your top teams after your visit?

"Ohio State, Florida, Miami, Florida State"

Are you favoring any team now after this visit?


Did the visit change how you looked at Ohio State?

"No, not really because each visit is meant to be fun, so that's something I know."

Have the rest of your visits (Georgia 1/9, Miami 1/16, and Florida State 1/23) stayed the same?


Are you qualified?

"Yes. On the SAT I have an 1170, and my core is like a 2.7."

How will you choose where to go?

"Where I feel more comfortable at because the school I choose, I will live there for the next four years. It will come down to where I feel more comfortable, where I will be able to handle it."

Anything you saw at Ohio State that surprised you at all?

"It's hard to say. Not really. Nothing really surprised me."

What did you do on the visit?

"We hung out, me and Nate and some of the other players and other recruits went out. We toured the school. We toured the stadium and the Buckeye Hall of Fame. We did some academic things and learned about the school."

What is your major?


What are your hobbies when not playing football?

"I just like to hang out with some of my friends, go to the weight room, and just do things that keep me active - play video games, talk on the phone - like a normal kid."

Looking to play early?

"Yeah. I am looking to play early. Whatever school I go to, I plan to go to that school during the summer and work out, get to know the system better so I will be able to play early."

Are you set on any particular defensive position?

"It wouldn't matter. I can play both though. I use that as an advantage."

With your visits running up through January, have you set a date for your decision?

"No, I'm going to pray and just hope I choose the right school."

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