Ted Ginn's Excellent Recruiting Adventure - OSU

Ted Ginn's recruiting visits continued this week with his official visit to OSU. Ted fell under the weather towards the end of the trip, but it didn't hurt the visit.

Two days after his official visit to Ohio State, Ted Ginn Jr. is still trying to fight the flu symptoms that began on his weekend visit to Columbus.

"I've got a virus, it's not the flu yet," he said. "I just went to the doctor and he gave me a flu shot. I'm just trying to fight this virus off."

The pain and discomfort got so bad for Ginn on the way back home to Cleveland after his visit that the family took him to a hospital emergency room.

"My stomach sort of cramped up on me and I just thought that I had to use the bathroom," he said. "But it took my wind from me after a while. I was a little worried there for a minute but everything is cool now."

Fortunately for Ginn, getting sick over the weekend didn't really do anything to adversely effect the expectations that he had about going on the visit to Ohio State.

"I've been down there so many times before so I didn't really have any expectations," Ginn said. "I was just going there to basically have some fun I guess."

To start his weekend visit off, Ginn first caught-up with one his former Tarblooder teammates, Dareus Hiley, on Friday night and they went over to the Blackwell to check in.

"Then I hooked-up with Troy (Smith)," Ginn said. "We got something to eat and went to a couple of parties and then went in for the night."

On Saturday Ginn began meeting-up with some of the other recruits that were on their visit at breakfast that morning.

"After breakfast I had to go talk to Coach Tress first," said Ginn who was accompanied by his mom and dad on the visit. "After that we went to meet with an academic counselor and then we ate lunch. The band played a few songs while we ate lunch at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center."

Ginn said he caught some of the Buckeyes' practice on Saturday with the other recruits. For the most part, Ginn said the recruits played catch and talked amongst each other while they were attending practice.

"I basically knew most of the other guys that were down there except for Xavier Lee," Ginn said. "Man, he has a very good arm! He threw me a couple of balls while they were practicing. He was throwing it 80 yards without even taking a hitch step or nothing."

After some more free time later in the afternoon, Ginn said everyone met up again at Ohio Stadium.

"We had some appetizers and watched a highlight film," he said. "Then after that we had dinner and then after dinner we had a little free time."

Ginn called it an early evening on Saturday because he was starting to feel ill. Sunday morning was much of the same for Ginn.

"I was hot and had a little fever but we just ate breakfast and we left," he said.

Despite feeling under the weather during a good portion of the trip, he said he still thought highly of his visit overall to Ohio State.

"I already knew everyone and everything, there wasn't anything really new," Ginn said. "It was exciting. It was fun."

And if he can shake the lingering effects of the flu in time, he'll make what should amount to be his fourth and probably final official visit to University of Southern California.

"I'm not going to Miami," Ginn said. "That's probably it after USC."

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