Kucek Waiting By Telephone

With junior college punter David Lonie apparently heading to Cal, Canfield, Ohio, product Justin Kucek is hoping to hear from Ohio State. But Kucek has another school hot after his services and says he will not wait long to pull the trigger.

I just spoke with punter Justin Kucek of Canfield High School and asked him if he heard any interesting news today.

"I heard the punter (David Lonie) committed to Cal," he said.

So I asked him what was going on with him recruiting-wise.

"I went down to Minnesota over the weekend for an official visit and they offered me a full scholarship," Kucek said. "I have to let them know by Wednesday."

I asked him what his thoughts were at this moment. Kucek was a regular attendee at Ohio Stadium this fall.

"I've always wanted to go to Ohio State but they never offered me, so I'm not too sure right now," he said. "I really like Minnesota, it's a great school and I had a lot of fun up there."

Does he anticipate hearing from Ohio State today or in the near future?

"I would like to hear from the Buckeyes," Kucek said. "From being around here, I'd love to go to that school and I love everything about it."

Tim Spencer is the coach that's recruiting Kucek. I asked Justin when he last spoke with Spencer.

"About a month ago. It's been a while," he said. "I feel like they're not too interested in me lately anymore but we'll see what happens."

How about that Wednesday deadline?

"I'm not too sure," Kucek said. "I would have to make a decision I guess. I like both schools, they're both really nice. I'm not too sure."

I asked him if he would try to contact Ohio State before Wednesday.

"My coach called the school today and he told Ohio State that I have a deadline and we will go from there," Kucek said. "We made contact with them and we're waiting to hear from them, so we'll see."

How's your workouts going?

"I lift and I kick everyday," he said. "I run everyday and I kick in a net downstairs in my basement. I'm trying to stay in good shape for next year."

With his obvious affinity toward Ohio State, I asked him if he could be happy about kicking for Minnesota.

"Yeah I'd be happy kicking in the Metrodome, that would be real nice," Kucek said. "And the coach said that I have a chance to be a four-year starter out there so that would be pretty nice too."

That's obviously a possibility at Ohio State as well with B.J. Sander, a Ray Guy Award finalist, moving on.

"That's true," he said. "Very true."

I asked him if that is his intention is to try and come in and start wherever he goes.

"I would love to kick four years in-a-row," Kucek said. "I think I'm ready for it."

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