Mitchum Narrows List To Three

It was a weird turn of events this fall in watching Iowa defeat Michigan, Ohio State defeat Iowa, and Michigan defeat Ohio State. Now all three teams will embark on a recruiting battle for coveted offensive lineman, Kyle Mitchum, whom has narrowed his list to the above three schools.

Kyle Mitchum was scheduled to visit both Wisconsin and Tennessee this month, but those visits will no longer be happening.

"He was suppose to visit Wisconsin last weekend, but they were the first team to be eliminated," said head coach Jon Cacchione. "Then, he was scheduled to visit Tennessee, but he also eliminated them this week. He is down to three schools currently in Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan. He is keeping other schools on the backburner in case something is to happen, but more than likely he will choose among those three schools."

Now, Mitchum will be taking an official visit to Columbus this weekend, instead.

"Ohio State is sending a private jet up to Erie at 3 P.M. on Friday and Kyle is expected to arrive at the Columbus airport around 4:30."

Mitchum will also be taking an official visit to Michigan, as well, in the early part of January. Is there any concern over the fact there will not be many students in town?

"He is going to play in the US Army All-American in San Antonio, and then will take a visit to Michigan directly afterwards that weekend on the 9th. The Michigan coaches actually wanted him to come that weekend. Ohio State is done with finals this Friday so there won't be many students there, either. There are other more important factors concerning his visits."

Ultimately, what put Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan ahead of the rest of the field was their coaches.

"Kyle and I have both developed great relationships with all of these staff's. Kyle has taken his time in researching and identifying all the positives on each school, and there are hardly any negatives. I have been friends with Coach (Ken) O'Keefe from Iowa for 15 years since he was head coach at Alleghany here in Pennsylvania. I also use to work camps in Youngstown for Coach (Jim) Tressel, and have known him for seven years. Coach (Lloyd) Carr has called me many times throughout the year, and I really believe he is sincere in his interest in Kyle as well. These coaches are allowed six stops by the school to visit with Kyle, and all of them have already been here twice. I know Coach O'Keefe will be here tomorrow, and is returning on Monday with Coach (Kirk) Ferentz. Coach Tressel was here the first day he was allowed, and Coach Carr will be the Monday after Kyle takes his official visit."

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