Recruiting Update - Mike Massey

Mike Massey took an official visit this past weekend to Ohio State, and the visit helped the Buckeyes' standing with him. He talks about the visit as well as what's on the horizon.

Who was your host this past weekend?

"Ryan Hamby."

Was it just Ryan that you were with for the most part or did you spend a lot of time with other players as well?

"Kinda both. There was a lot of time just Ryan and I. He really helped me out and gave me good information about the school. Other times we mixed with the recruits and all that stuff. It was a little bit more time with Ryan than the others, but we definitely had our share of time with other recruits."

With Ryan hosting you, does that indicate the staff is looking at you at Tight End as well, or is he just your host because you had a previous association with him?

"No, I think they are definitely looking at me as a defensive lineman, but my older brother Jim knew of Ryan Hamby. Pat kind of knew of him through the all star games. I knew of him, but I didn't really know him. I think that is how it worked out."

I know you are pretty familiar with Ohio State because your older brother Jim played there, but was there anything that was a surprise to you? What were the high points of the visit?

"I think just how open the coaches were. I think the relationship between the coaches and the players. Watching practice and seeing how close they are. It is kinda cliché to say, but they are kinda like a family. It was pretty cool."

Are you still planning on taking your visit to Boston College?

"I'm not sure. I still am not sure. If I have not decided when I visit Michigan this weekend, then I will go to BC."

Are you and your family going out to the Rose Bowl to see Michigan play?

"Yes, we are."

Did anything change with your visit to Ohio State, or are you still just as undecided?

"It definitely boosted Ohio State. It did everything I thought it was going to do. I thought I would become a lot more comfortable with them and like it a lot more. You know any time you are down there with them with the coaching and facilities and those types of stuff, getting to know the campus – you are definitely going to like the school more."

Were there any players there this weekend that seemed swayed by everything?

"To tell you the truth, no. I didn't really notice that."

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