Freeman talks about visit, more

Marcus Freeman took his official visit to OSU this weekend, and he said it went a long way in getting him acclimated to the college he will begin attending in less than a month. Gary Housteau talked with him about the visit as well as other prospects that Marcus talked to there, including WR Fred Davis.

After spending some time talking to Marcus Freeman it's easy to tell that he certainly enjoyed his official visit to Ohio State.

"There were some outstanding prospects there," Freeman said. "I got to hang out with Ted (Ginn) and Fred (Davis) again, there isn't anything new, but just glad to see them. And I got to know some new people like Xavier Lee; he's a great quarterback out of Florida, and we just all had a great time. Ohio State is a great university and it had a lot of stuff to offer us."

Freeman said the visit included such highlights like going the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café, a stop at the Polaris mall and a chance to watch the Buckeyes practice and talk to their respective coach.

"I liked to watch them practice because you got to see the defending national champions practice," he said. "There were a lot of great players there and it just seems like it's a great atmosphere and it's a great family there. That's probably the main thing that I liked the most."

Fellow Wayne Warrior John Hollins hosted Freeman over the weekend and he was instrumental in helping the future Buckeye from Huber Heights get know a lot of the guys..

"A great thing about my visit is that since I'm starting in January I got to know a lot of the players," Freeman said. "There's some great players there and even more importantly some great individuals. So I got to be more familiar with some of the players and it helped me in that way too."

But the big question overall has to do with recruiting and whether or not Freeman was implicitly involved in trying to bring more talent to the school.

"I was with the big defensive end (Rhyan Anderson from Wisconsin) one night and I told him I need him in front of me to help keep the linemen off of me," Freeman said. "And I told him it's a great university and he sounded like he liked it a lot.

"And I told Ted and Fred that it's going to be hard to turn down a place like this but in the end it's going to be their decision. But I told them that I thought it would be the best for them."

According to Freeman, Davis isn't exactly the absolute lock to attend Ohio State as he once was but OSU is still a viable option for him.

"When I talked to him he said ‘USC is a great place and right now it's between Ohio State and USC,' " Freeman said. "I think it's going to boil down to whatever offense, I think, fits him better and then whatever his heart is telling him. Ohio State is obviously close to home but he might feel better in the offense at USC. He told me it's a tight race right now so we'll see when he decides. I'll probably find out when everybody else finds out."

Freeman confirmed that Davis might but he might not commit to a school at the Army All-American game.

"He told me at first that he wanted to do it at the Army game and then he told me that he might wait a while," he said. "If he's ready at the Army game he said he'll do it, but he doesn't know if he'll be ready. I think he's just trying to fully look at his options and really see which school is going to be best for him."

Could the bond between Marcus, Ted and Fred make the ultimate difference?

"Personally I think when it's all said and done, that we'll still be together. That's what I think," Freeman said. "I'm not sure but I just have a feeling that we will all three be together."

Freeman graduates from Wayne Dec. 19 and will enroll at Ohio State on Jan. 5.

"I've got all of my classes scheduled and everything so I'm pretty much set to go," he said.

And of course Freeman is looking forward to playing in the Army game on Jan. 3, just a day before he reports to his OSU dorm.

"It's going to be a time to enjoy yourself and also have some good competition so it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing," he said.

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