Holmes focused on OSU

Is DE/TE Louis Holmes still set to be a Buckeye? The head coach at Bridgton Academy in Maine, where Holmes is currently enrolled, says that he is.

Some people on our Bucknuts.com Ask the Insiders Message Board have begun to wonder if Louis Holmes should be mentioned in the same breath as the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot. Well, the answer to that is "no" as we have found Holmes, who still is set on being a Buckeye.

Holmes transferred to Ft. Lauderdale Dillard last year after moving in from Tennessee and decided to commit to Ohio State. The news surfaced on signing day, but Holmes didn't make it and he was seemingly forgotten about by fans (and media) until now.

Holmes is currently at Bridgton Academy, a prep school up in Maine. He stands in at 6-4, 245 and plans on being a part of this recruiting class.

"My understanding is he will be at Ohio State this weekend," said Bridgton head coach Rick Marcella. "He has no other visits that I know of, only Ohio State."

Coach Marcella concurred that Louis has always been focused on the Buckeyes.

"From the first moment he walked in here, his goal was to get back to Ohio State," he said. "Ohio State showed loyalty to him, and he returned that loyalty. He's talked about nothing but Ohio State."

Louis, who stands at 6-4, 240, was reportedly coming to OSU as a DE last year, but he didn't get to play there this year for Bridgton.

"He played tight end for us," the coach said. "We platooned, so he only got to play on one side of the ball."

Louis also missed some time due to injury this year ("He missed the first three games with a shoulder injury and the last game with an ankle injury," Coach Marcella said), but he has been impressive since day one up at Bridgton.

"In preseason camp, you could see he was a D-I prospect," the coach said. "He runs so well. He could play defensive end. He's got the kind of frame where he could grow and play the three technique."

Louis right now is on target to be a member of this year's recruiting class for OSU.

"He will be a spring graduate, so he'll be (at OSU) with all the incoming freshmen," Coach Marcella said. "This year does not count against him.

"If all goes as expected, he'll be our third Big Ten kid in three years."


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