Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

Here is a chat transcript of today's chat with Gary Housteau.

Kirk (Dec 11, 2003 1:01:47 PM)
Hello Gary!

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:02:04 PM)
Hey guys.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:02:10 PM)
Welcome to today's chat...whenever Kirk is am I.

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:02:48 PM)
Gary. What do you know about Mr. Barrow? Was this a surprise to you that he got an offer?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:05:48 PM)
It is in a way only that I wasn't expecting him to get an offer at least not yet. But from some of the stuff I've read about him and the more that I'm learning about him now it seems like a good thing. So I'm excited for Mr. Barrow! Always love the Ohio guys when they're worthy.

bucknut13 (Dec 11, 2003 1:05:53 PM)
Your opinion on whether Kucek gets offer? Thanks.

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:05:54 PM)
Do you think the punter from Canfield will get an offer? Doesn't it seem like JT would rather get punters to walk on versus giving them a schollie until they're proven?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:10:00 PM)
I think we need a punter even if JT is happy with the potential players already in the fold like either Josh Huston or the walk on kicker last year from St. Ed's for instance. I think we need to get another punter now with a strong leg as another alternative. I've seen Kucek and he has a strong leg and great hang time so I'm surprised he doesn't have an offer. Maybe they have a preferred walk on guy they're banking on to add to the club. For some reason I don't think Kucek will get an offer and he will become a Gopher then.

vonmansteinbuck (Dec 11, 2003 1:10:03 PM)
any thoughts or news on Glathaar from Elder? could this kid possibly be moved to Fullback

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:10:16 PM)
The punt is the most important play of the game we've been told.....

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:14:35 PM)
Hi vonmansteinbuck...a new and interesting name to the chat.! No Glatthaar (2 t's and 2 a's I believe) is a running back and not a full back. Again we've talked about a big back that can break tackles is needed in JT's offense and there isn't really one out there with the exception of Ferguson. Haw is the most realistic chance of being that candidate sooner rather than later. I like what I saw in Glatthaar as an instinctive runner. I saw some effective spins on contact, a little elusiveness, and the abilitity to run away from people in the open field. His coach spoke highly of his competitiveness and his work ethic after the game and so those are the kind of ingredients that I like to hear about. He's no Reecie by any stretch...but who is. But forget fullback...he'll make some school happy as a tailback. Obviously not OSU though.

bucknut13 (Dec 11, 2003 1:14:54 PM)
Do you think Fred buys into what usc is lying...oh I mean selling about our offense? Is 15-20 more catches a season more important than a family atmosphere, becoming a complete FB player and growing as a person more important to Fred? Thanks.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:18:31 PM)
Hi bucknut...I'm sticking to my guns even though so many people are trying to sway my opinion on this. I think when all the deliberating is done by Davis that he will be indeed a Buckeye. I know where Fred's heart was at one time not so long ago and I think it may have strayed a bit just like Louis last year, but in the end...he'll realize where his home is. I think it's a tribute to Fred's talent that he's wanted so much by USC and they're probably telling him he could be the next Williams out there. But Ohio Stadium is where he will be playing his home games when it's all said and done. And I hope he commits with Ted at the Army All-Star game. That's how it should be done.

loverbuck (Dec 11, 2003 1:18:49 PM)
what's the story with Mitchum? I thought he had tOSU leading and now he's takig his last visit to scUM.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:22:30 PM)
Hi loverbuck...I'm excited that Mitchum gets to visit with Jon Skinner and Ben Person and Steve Rehring this weekend at Ohio State. I really like having Skinner on board from Pa, this kid could really be a diamond in the rough, and Mitchum would just be an added bonus from the Keystone state. I saw Skinner and Mitchum at the same game this year and both guys were fat free and looked great physically. Great size for both of them. I really would like to see Mitchum become a Buckeye but that's what recruiting is all about. This will be a battle for his services with the school up north. Go Bucks!

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:22:52 PM)
Doesn't it seem like the Bucks have been taking this bowl perparation a little more lightly than last year? I know they needed some rest to get heathy, but K-State is going to be tough to beat. I guess with a bigger class to recruit the coaches have been on the road a lot more this year as well.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:25:42 PM)
The Buckeyes could easily get spanked in the bowl game if they're not careful, but somehow with this much preparation time, JT will figure out just the right strategy to pace the team through their preparations. I've said it before, I've seen JT win so many big games, close games, over the years because of preparation, both long range and short range. In his mind, he'll have the team where it needs to be by Jan. 2.

buckeye59 (Dec 11, 2003 1:25:52 PM)
Gary, is there something to the point of JT limiting scholies to 20 to 22 to get back in sync, and therefore only going after the gamebreakers?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:29:59 PM)
I think the grayshirt has become his new and effective tool to dole out the proper amount of scholarships and leave him with some flexibility to give walkons a schollie if he deems them worthy. Most of those guys have been in the program for a while and it sets a great example as an incentive to contribute to the program. There's also the case of leaving a schollie available for a Leon Hart for example, who likely will not go to OSU but they've promised him one even if it's at the last minute. It's all about flexibility and spacing of classes and spacing of quarterbacks obviously...such as Boeckman and now Bauserman. He'll make room for gamebreakers though, no doubt.

bellevuebuck (Dec 11, 2003 1:31:03 PM)
Hi Gary, from the remaining OL out there, who will become buckeyes when all is said and done?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:35:55 PM)
My priority list is Mitchum number one, Hart number two, Feliciano number three, Izzy number four and Braxton number five. In all likelihood the two most likely candidates there to become Buckeyes are Izzy and Braxton. I really think Hart enjoyed his visit but I was surprised that he listed Auburn number one after the OSU visit. I spoke with Hart after his visit here and I was hopeful so there is a small chance with him. I think we have to land Mitchum but I'm skeptical with him as well. Feliciano just seems to be a good player for some reason. But if I could have any of those five I'd want Mitchum.

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:36:35 PM)
Everything that comes from Mr. Freeman seems to be first class. Is he going to be a great Buckeye or what?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:41:42 PM)
Mark Freeman just oozes with class. I can't say it any other way. He is a dynamite young man and I'm very glad that I've gotten to know this young man. He's such a joy to talk with and he just have his stuff all together. He thinks he will have to sit and learn from A.J. Hawk for a year or even two but he is excited for the opportunity to do what he can do. I almost want him to redshirt his first year because he will be here until he graduates. He will not leave school early without a degree. Education is so much more number one than the NFL to him but the NFL is a likely option for him down the road and he is aware of the potential there. Great, super, dynamite young kid. A great Buckeye as you've said Ed.

BuckeyeDave (Dec 11, 2003 1:41:56 PM)
Are we any closer to getting JT and Ohio State to automaically offer to Ohio's MR. Football? It seems to be a great fit with Coach Tressel's recruiting philosophy.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:46:03 PM)
BuckeyeDave that has been my mantra for more than two years now! Why not BuckeyeDave? As you've said and I've said in the past it would be so Tressel-like of a gesture to honor the state's best player and offer him a scholarship as a reward. Now whether that player chooses to go to OSU or not is another matter but most of the time we want that player here anyway. It would be such a good fit with the coaches of our Ohio High Schools and only something that JT would do. But the idea never seems to get any traction as I try to vocalize my thoughts on that every year to no avail. I love the idea and wish he would implement it. Make a big deal of it. It's a worthy gesture I believe. It will probably never happen however.

LABucknut (Dec 11, 2003 1:46:12 PM)
To compete for a national championship now, teams need to schedule at least one tough non-conference team. How do you see view our non-conference schedule next year (CIncy, Marshall and NCST) given Cincy lost there coach and NCST is going to be rebuilding with the loss of Rivers and so many seniors. Are we going to add another opponent? Marshall is going to be the toughest opponent in my opinion.

bucks101 (Dec 11, 2003 1:49:08 PM)
Don't we play Texas next year? or is that in 05?

Kirk (Dec 11, 2003 1:49:08 PM)
Texas is in 'O5

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:49:55 PM)
Hi LABuck... I see those three schools all as pushovers next season. Sure we should add a somewhat worthy opponent as a 12th game for strength of schedule purposes. But who knows what changes if any will come to the BCS by next season. But why not play 12 games now anyway since we're allowed to? There has to be someone else interested in coming to Ohio Stadium to pick up a nice paycheck right!

bellevuebuck (Dec 11, 2003 1:50:09 PM)
They say no news is good news and I haven't heard anything lately on MoC! I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. What is the latest on this ongoing saga. Will he play again or won't he?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:54:29 PM)
I highly doubt that he ever will play again for Ohio State although I contend that he needs to play for Ohio State for one more year. Again if the other shoe never drops, he has a chance to play. If that shoe does in fact drop with in the next couple of weeks, look out below! It's off to the NFL he goes...and then they might not want him either. The whole Reecie situation has just become a huge fiasco. It's really a shame.

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 1:55:00 PM)
I've got a buddy back in Canton who says D.Jordan from Massilon will have a standout career for the Bucks. Do you concur?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:57:13 PM)
Yes I do big time. Besides being a top-notch receiver with good size and good hands and great speed, Jordan is a tough kid and he likes to block. He's a fierce blocker and coaches notice that first and foremost. He will be an impact player at OSU because of that and he will likely be playing on Sundays as well. I have high expectations for Devin Jordan. He's a complete and I mean complete receiver. Yes I concur on that!

hondo (Dec 11, 2003 1:57:36 PM)
Gary, where do you think Massey ends up?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 1:59:32 PM)

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 11, 2003 1:59:55 PM)
What's your gut feeling on Dantonio and the Cincinnati job? Seems to me it would be a high-risk, low-reward move.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 2:02:35 PM)
Forget about it MinnesotaBuckeye. He couldn't make a worse move at this stage in his career. I'm sorry I just don't see Dantonio as a head man at any really high profile institution. At least at this point, he doesn't have the personality for it. I'm not being negative, I'm just giving you an opinion. He's perfect right where he's at.

edbuck51 (Dec 11, 2003 2:03:06 PM)
Why do you say Leon "likely will not go to OSU"?

Kirk (Dec 11, 2003 2:04:14 PM)
(Everyone... we are a bit backed up with questions, but we'll only have time for a few more. Some questions -- like Fred Davis -- have been answered already and will be available on the transcript later today, but we will still be here for a few more minutes.)

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 2:06:42 PM)
Just from that latest report on theinsiders network with the Auburn interview he did. He said they were his number one even though Ohio State was a 10 out of 10. So we shot our wad and still are behind Auburn. Marcus Freeman told me he did have a conversation with Leon Hart so maybe Freeman can help to work some magic in the end, but Hart hasn't even been on his official to Auburn and he has them at number one. I don't think we can overcome that. It's like OSU is the girl with the nice personality but he thinks the other babe is hotter.

LABucknut (Dec 11, 2003 2:07:11 PM)
I have looked through all the skilled player recruits and there is only 2 players that broke 4 seconds in the 20 yard shuttle drill, Barrett the WVU WR at 3.99 and Michigan verbal Morgan Trent 3.88. How much does the coaching staff look at this metric vs forty times. We need a Breaston type player bad to improve our scoring opportunities on special teams. Who out there in our class or recruit has this potential to be a play maker on special teams?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 2:10:29 PM)
Ginn first and foremost. Shaun Lane will be a stunner I'm sure. Here is a kid that I have seen do so many incredible things either in person or on film it's pretty amazing. Miles Williams will surprise some people with his ability as well. But I would say that Ginn is truly amazing whether he has the right shuttle time or not. And Fred Davis is ridiculous as well as a playmaker.

Guest (Dec 11, 2003 2:10:55 PM)
Whats the key to Ohio State beating Kansas St? Whats your prediction?

Cville Buck (Dec 11, 2003 2:11:05 PM)
Hi Gay two questions. First, Have you heard anything related to the ESPN mag story peraining to MoC side of things, as well as bad goings on at OSU/JT? Secondly, I work with a number of X-D1 football players. They like giving me grief because OSU plays 7,8 or 9 home games a year. They insist its a differant game on the road, what are your thoughts on sceduling so many home games?

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 2:19:33 PM)
Hi forgot an 'r' in my first name but that's no problem. Smile! I plead the fifth about anything related to ESPN magazine and Reecie and or OSU/JT as you put the question. As a rule, I have not commented publicly about Reecie since the entire debacle began with him. Yeah I know things but I'm content to hope that certain things never come out in the wash. That's my stance. I keep trying to only see the good in Reecie because I've seen how special he can be for so long now and I'm seeing that potential for greatness disappear in front of my eyes. That Reecie on the field last year is the same happy-go-lucky kid that I've seen perform for years and I don't want to pile on if I don't have to. And as far as the home games...bring 7,8 or 9 or as many home games as we're legally allowed to play. The key word there is legally. If they allow us to play that them. That's to our advantage so why not? And besides form our perspective, any Saturday in the Horseshoe is just a great day

Kirk (Dec 11, 2003 2:24:34 PM)
Ok everybody, thanks for joining us today! Steve may not be able to make chat tomorrow; we'll keep you posted. Thanks Gary for stopping by.

GaryHousteau (Dec 11, 2003 2:26:50 PM)
Thank you everyone for chatting with me today. Let's hope the recruiting season brings good things to all Buckeye fans and we here at Bucknuts will do our best to keep you all abreast of the situation. Should be another great recruiting weekend so stay tuned in to you best source for recruiting information...with us.

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