Massey to decide by the end of the week

Cleveland St. Ignatius DE/TE Mike Massey is back from his Michigan visit, and he says we will know his decision by the end of the week.

Who was your host?

"Kyle Murphy. I think that is his first name, we just call him ‘Murphy.' He is a tight end."

Interesting that both schools had your host as a tight end, does that say anything?

"I think Ohio State is more because I knew him."

What about Michigan?

"Michigan is I think strictly tight end."

Do you have a preference?

"Not really. I just want to go wherever I can help the team more, wherever they need me. I think Ohio State needs me a lot more at defensive end. The same goes for Michigan at Tight End."

What were some highlights of your visit?

"Probably just getting to know the different recruits there and getting to know - getting a feel for what type of football players they are. The food was great. The coaches were good too."

Training table or the restaurants?

"The restaurants."

Are you still going to BC?

"I don't think so."

So, have you actually kind of made a choice?

"Yeah I think I have an idea in my head where I want to go. I'm going to decide later this week. I'm going to talk to my dad about it and my family. There is a guy in Cleveland, I just talked to the Wolverine, I'm going to let him know first because I promised him I would."

Ok, a lot of Ohio State fans have the impression that you are leaning heavily toward Michigan right now. Is that true? Are you leaning heavily toward one team or the other?

"No. I just had to visit both schools. I am going to take my time and just think about what I enjoyed about both of them and what I didn't"

You mentioned what you didn't enjoy. Was there anything either visit that turned you off toward that particular school?

"No. Not one thing. Both of them were good trips and really helped me I think in the future I just need to make my decision."

Any particular date that you have set? Will it come later this week?

"I am going to know by the end of this week."

Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

"Around Thursday or Friday. One of those two."

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