Person takes official visit

OL Ben Person has been committed to OSU for quite a while, and he took his official visit to OSU this weekend.

Ben Person, who was one of OSU's earliest commitments in this class, was on his official visit this weekend. He was hosted by R.J. Coleman, who Person said is up to 295 and looks great.

For the most part, Ben hung around two future teammates and one the Buckeyes hope to have as one of his teammates.

"I spent most of my time with (Steve) Rehring, (Kyle) Mitchum, and Jon Skinner," Person said. "We get along so well. We did everything together. It's like we're already gelling as a unit.

"R.J. Coleman said it's great that we're going to be a big class because the players you're coming in with are the ones you stay friends with"

Coleman also said that one thing that would help the freshmen is playing center.

"If it was him, he would play all freshmen at center because you learn all the calls and all the positions," he said.

Ben talked about when he'll get on campus and if some playing time will be there next year.

"It looks like I'll be arriving in late July," he said. "I may want to take some classes early to get my feet wet.

"Coach Bollman and I were looking over the depth chart. He said he could see two or three freshmen having an impact."

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