Chat Transcript - Rory Nicol

New OSU tight end commitment Rory Nicol stopped by the Ask the Insiders message board this morning to take a few questions from subscribers. He discussed his decision, his future at OSU, and more.

Oswald: Rory, Welcome to the Buckeye Nation! I have a quick question. Have you given any thought to what you would like to major in at OSU? Take advantage of the educational opportunities. Good luck to you.

Rory Nicol: Hi Oswald. Something in the business school. I've looked in Finance on my visit and it will definitely be something in the business school as far as my major goes.

And thank you!

Bucknutty: Rory, what was the biggest factor in your decision? Congratulations on becoming a Buckeye!!

Rory Nicol: The biggest factor was really the staff. It's a great who I think will be there my whole career and the players really treat one another with respect.

And the tight end situation for myself is pretty good.

Fighter59: Welcome aboard Rory! Do you foresee tOSU having a larger recruiting impact in PA?

Rory Nicol: Kyle and I know one another and I might talk to him this week. As far as Devon Lyons, I don't know him that well.

I think Coach Daniels is to get a lot of the credit for the way he goes about recruiting us.

I'm looking forward to meeting Jon Skinner, I've never met him.

Buckaholic: Great to have you aboard partner, hope you enjoy your time in I'm sure you will! Did you get to become good friends with any other OSU recruits perhaps from Pennsylvania or on your visits? If so, where might some of them stand in relation to joining you at Ohio State?

Rory Nicol: I think Kyle Mitchum has a pretty good shot. Xavier Lee is definitely considering OSU. He really enjoyed hanging out with myself and the other guys.

Ginn, Freeman and Davis are the main guys we were all hanging with and Massey and Bauserman was there. Brandon Underwood was a good guy. I think everybody thought Massey would go to Michigan because of his brother.

As far as Leon Hart goes... he looks good and he looks like he's good. I know he really enjoyed his visit but I really didn't talk to him much about where he was going to be. I know he really had a fun time when he was out with us.

Bucknuts: Rory, welcome aboard and congratulations on your decision. What did you like and dislike the most about the recruiting process?

Rory Nicol: I liked meeting the coaches and going out to see the players and the stadiums and campuses.

What I didn't was all of the phone calls you had to take and the time you would have to spend on the phone after practice for example.

Bucknutty: Has Coach Tressel talked to you about opening up the offense like it has been mentioned he has discussed with other recruits?

Rory Nicol: Not really to myself. Whenever we talked a lot of it was me being compared to Ben Hartsock who we're going to lose this year.

I'm a throwback tight end. I like to block and I can catch the ball. I can run vertically down the seam. I feel like I'm a balance player, I can do both of them pretty well.

I run the 110 Hurdles (15.6 is my best time). I won the county meet last year. I also run the 300 Hurdles (43.9). The times don't compare to Ted Ginn, but he's a world class hurdler. I throw the discus (158.7 feet).

Anytime anybody came in May they came to see me run track. My best 40 time was 4.73 this summer. I didn't go to any camps this summer.

spraguezilla: Welcome to tOSU, Rory! What was the difference between the way Florida was recruiting you and tOSU?

Rory Nicol: Ohio State recruited me as a person and a player first and foremost, and when I talked to Florida it was always football, not about your life outside of it.

There wasn't any negative recruiting going on with either coach or coaches.

I thought about playing with Leak, but if you're a quarterback at Ohio've got to be pretty good to get there. I don't have any doubts or fear about any of the quarterbacks we have being successful next year or in the future.

Rory Nicol: I'm happy and I'm very excited to be a Buckeye. I'm anxious to build relationships with the other recruits and I look forward to winning the national championship.

I'm excited to play in Ohio Stadium. Game day there is a lot of excitement and crazy fans and I don't think there is a better place to play college football.

I'm glad to have the decision behind me and I can be a kid again for now. I really look forward to Feb. 4 and officially becoming a Buckeye!

Thank you all for spending some time with me today and I look forward to playing in front of all of you for the next four years!

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