Nicol discusses decision

The seeds for Beaver, PA TE Rory Nicol becoming a Buckeye were actually planted during OSU's forgettable loss to Minnesota back in 2000. Nicol talked with Gary Housteau yesterday about how he became a fan and how the final choice came about.

Rory Nicol began his press conference today wearing a bright red Ohio State shirt and a smile.

After Beaver Area head coach Jeff Beltz introduced Nicol at an intimate setting in front of handful of reporters, Nicol took center stage and addressed the media.

"As (Beltz) said, it's pretty obvious that I chose proudly The Ohio State University," Nicol said. "It was a process that went on for over a year, and I had a lot of great schools recruiting me, but when it came down to taking some official visits, which I did, I thought I did it the right way. I did the homework and things matched-up pretty well for me at Ohio State."

Nicol credited Jim Tressel and his staff as one of the main reasons for him choosing the Buckeyes.

"I felt that as a staff, with Ohio State you couldn't ask for anything better," he said. "It appears that as a staff, they're not looking for anything but winning a national championship at Ohio State, and that's something that makes you feel good about (the decision)."

He then cited a litany of other reasons that convinced him to select OSU. Nicol mentioned the perceived closeness of all the players and everyone at Ohio State on his visit; he said the style offense and the way the tight end is used is very appealing to him; and he commented on the business school at Ohio State for being an important thing that also attracted him to the university.

"I'm really excited with my decision and I'm very comfortable with it," Nicol said. "I feel that I'll be successful both on and off the field. I'm looking forward to going there. August 1st I report to camp, and I want to help them win a national championship."

Ohio State has actually been a favorite of Nicol for some time now. He first attended an OSU game when they hosted Minnesota a few years back. The Golden Gophers actually beat Ohio State that afternoon.

"I can remember walking out of there and coming home and saying, ‘Mom I want to be Buckeye,' and five years later here it is," he said. "It was a great experience. The game day atmosphere there is just as good as anywhere else without a doubt. I just got interested in them. Darnell Sanders was up there when I went. He was one of my favorite players (Nicol wore #89 at Beaver) and he still is. I can tell you probably their whole roster right now. I've always been interested in them."

And when Ohio State started recruiting him, it was obvious to both parties involved that it was a perfect match almost from the outset.

"Ohio State came in and they were there and they recruited me different. There was never any pressure," Nicol said. "If I didn't talk with them, I didn't lose sleep and they didn't lose sleep. It's not that I wasn't important, it's just that we knew the relationship that we had with one another. They knew they were going to get a visit from day one."

Without question Nicol is happy to be a Buckeye and he's happy to have his decision behind him now.

"It's unexplainable. I'm going to love to go home and have the phone ring and not have to worry about who it's going to be," he said. "I'm excited about that, and I'm excited for my family, for the school, for the community and myself. It's just a lot to get off your shoulders."

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