Davis Impressed With UM

Wide receiver Fred Davis took his fourth and final visit of the year when he went to Miami this past weekend. He talked about that trip. "It was great," Davis said. "I was having a lot of fun at Miami. I was with Jarrett Payton and Senorice Moss for most of the time. Those guys down in Miami know how to have fun."

Davis, 6-4 and 220 pounds, said the highlight of his visit was watching practice on Saturday and getting to know how the players work.

"This was my fourth visit and I was most impressed with how hard those guys practice," he said. "It's like every play is their last one. They're so hungry, so competitive. Their receivers' coach is really good too. I learned a lot just being there watching."

The talented receiver liked what he saw with the UM depth chart as well and talked more about that.

"They have some good receivers but they got a bunch of little guys," he said. "They're fast but I'm fast too. I'm a 4.39 guy. I feel like I can come off the line really well and really beat the cornerbacks up. I feel sorry for them."

On a positive note, Davis is scheduled to graduate on Jan. 16.

"Our semesters are different than yours down there," he said. "Our semester ends in January and I'll graduate on the 16th. I'll be ready to start college right after that. I'm just glad that I'll be able to get a whole spring under my belt. A lot of kids talk about coming in and starting right away but they don't get there till August. I'm gonna be there all spring and summer and I'm gonna learn so much."

The standout receiver also enjoyed the trip to the Orange Bowl when the players had a chance to run onto the field.

"It was tight," he said. "The stadium, the smoke, it was pretty exciting. They had my No. 4 jersey with Davis on it and it looked pretty good on me."

Davis has narrowed his list down to UM, Ohio State, Southern Cal, and Oklahoma.

"The quiet period is starting and then I'm going to the All-American Game in Texas next week," he said. "I'm gonna narrow it down to two schools in the next week or so then I'll be able to make a final choice in January."

Many believe Davis is destined for Ohio State but he said that's not exactly the case.

"Ohio State's on my list and I like them but I don't have any favorites right now," he said. "I wanna win and play. I really liked my first three visits but the thing about Miami is they're a little different with their routes, their style, and how hard they work. Those types of things are going to be important in my decision."

Davis had a chance to meet with head coach Larry Coker but said he was more impressed last week when Coker showed up in his hometown.

"He came up here and watched my basketball game," he said. "I've spent a lot of time talking to him and he's a real nice guy, somebody I could see myself playing for."

In addition to Coker, Curtis Johnson is another major positive for the Hurricanes.

"He's really good," he said. "He gets on you and won't let up till you get it right. That's why guys leave there so competitive. I loved that."

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