Stop by Hineygate in Tempe!

Headed to Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl? Be sure to stop by and get some pre-game flavor OSU style as Hineygate will be making its way to the desert.

There will be a Hineygate in Tempe!

And it's brought to you by a group of fanatic expatriate Buckeye fans that run the hippest bars in the Tempe area.

Here's the deal: Starting at 10 AM on the morning of the game, both the Varsity Club (aka Bandersnatch Pub) and Hineygate will open right next to the stadium. Hineygate will be in the Armory parking lot right across from the stadium and will host two bands, three DJ's and some of your traditional liquid refreshments. Varsity Club/Bandersnatch also sports two bands and some serious drinking possibilities.

Both of these festive Fiesta Bowl parties will charge you $10 as a cover and they both suggest that you get there early, as capacity is limited. By "capacity", they mean how big the space is - not how much you can drink.

So make sure that the Tempe Hineygate is scarlet and gray and not covered in purple. Hey - it's your Ohio civic obligation!

See you there!

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