Helwagen Chat: Jan. 2 Archive

Here is the archive of Friday's Chat session conducted by Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. He conducts these Chat sessions each week for Bucknuts.com subscribers. Get ready for tonight's game by clicking on this free link and reading the archive.

Here is the archive of Friday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. (Note: No attempt has been made to "connect" questions and answers, as this was a "real time" Chat.)

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 3:55:45 PM)
Steve should be here momentarily... he was stuck in a bit of traffic but he still should be ready to go

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:21 PM)

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:28 PM)
Basically what it comes down to is either Davis is going to Ohio State, Miami, USC, or some other school. :)

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:33 PM)

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:37 PM)

odogg45 (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:53 PM)
do u see anyone besides Ginn commiting to us tomorrow at the AA game

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 3:56:57 PM)
Man my Java is a bit messed up that laughing face was delayed

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 3:57:33 PM)
If that question was for me I say no

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 3:57:44 PM)
odogg if that happened it would be a surprise, so I'd say no. Davis is talking about deciding next week, and the others still looking at OSU (Bryant, Hart, Mitchum, etc) seem definitely set to take more visits.

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:01 PM)
will we see ginn jr. play a little offense tomorrow?

odogg45 (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:12 PM)
any news on how Freeman looks against the other LB's there

odogg45 (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:26 PM)
or Bryant

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:28 PM)
I think I read Freeman isn't actually starting :/

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:53 PM)
That wouldn't surprise me if Freeman didn't start. Those are some phenominal LBS and I actually expected him not to.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 3:59:55 PM)
The two commits for 05- any guess on where they are ranked in the top 100?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:00:06 PM)
Hello, I just arrived. Kirk knows the trouble I went through (bad traffic here in Az.) to get back to the hotel in time. Whew. Fire when you're ready!

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 4:00:07 PM)
Hi Steve

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:00:10 PM)
I know with all the East LB's it's nto a surprise

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:00:33 PM)
So is it OSU West out there this year like it was last?

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 4:00:45 PM)
odogg haven't heard anything but that's one of the things to definitely keep an eye on tomorrow with all the great LBs

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:01:20 PM)
No way, no how. Last year you couldn't walk down the street without bumping into OSU people. This year, you have to search for them. No comparison. Maybe 20 percent of last year, if they're lucky.

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:01:20 PM)
I know this is premature, but what do you think we'll be ranked next year?

odogg45 (Jan 2, 2004 4:01:23 PM)
if Snyder gets the DC position who takes the LB job

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 4:01:52 PM)
DirkMatt, I think they both should be. O'Neal should be top 25 IMO.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:02:18 PM)
Happy New Year. Go Bucks!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:02:22 PM)
dcbuck, they will probably be ranked around 8th-12th to start the season. Then if they win they would move up. But I just think their grad losses are a lot for most pollsters to have them much higher.

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:03:33 PM)
Is darren sproles the best rb we

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:03:37 PM)
'll have faced all year

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:03:39 PM)
odogg45, good question. Two ways they could go: One move Fickell to LBs and get a special teams coach. Two would be to go out and find somebody to coach LBs. They have great LBs (we all think), so finding somebody to "bring them along" isn't as important to me (and it is important) as getting a great recruiter.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:03:45 PM)
Steve, Coop is here. He wants to know the fan ratio of OSU fans to KSU fans out there. Will the scarlet and gray be outnumbered by purple people eaters

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:04:31 PM)
Susan and everybody, what's up? Happy new year.

Kirk (Jan 2, 2004 4:04:33 PM)
One last comment and then I'll let Steve take over for good... I'm not even in Tempe and I can't imagine the crowd being like it was last year. OSU fans were everywhere, even up at the Grand Canyon. I saw them in restaurants three hours north of Phoenix. They were in other cars on the highway and honked horns and waved at one another. Then there was that pep rally... my goodness. We're talking about 25,000 OSU fans to maybe 5% of that for Miami if they were lucky. Even if there was more excitement I couldn't imagine it being like last year

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:05:19 PM)
I heard there were about 2,000Buckeye fans at the pep rally yesterday

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:05:24 PM)
dcbuck, I don't know if he is as good as Perry was (or at least as good as OSU made him look). But Sproles is obviously right there. You don't get 1,900 yards by accident. Great run team.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:06:00 PM)
Fan ratio seems to be 4 or 5 to 1 in favor of K-State. The good thing is those people will not catch a pass or make a big tackle (VBG).

ApexBuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:06:34 PM)
Any word on if Ell plays?

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:06:36 PM)
Why don't they distribute tickets evenly to both teams

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:00 PM)
Dirk. OSU sold their allotment and asked for me tickets.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:08 PM)
they did get more.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:22 PM)
that should be "more" tickets...

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:24 PM)
yea, but didn't KSU get more at first

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:37 PM)
Apex, radio reports are that Roberson will play. No idea if he will start or not. I am listening to radio now and they will have a reporter from Topeka giving an update.

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:37 PM)
Any news on some of the younger guys making a name for themselves during bowl practice, hopefully a few OL are?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:07:44 PM)
i think they ask the schools how many they want..or think they can sell

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:08:26 PM)
Steve...was the story rumor or fact that the girl was dropping the complaint against roberson?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:08:47 PM)
Dirk, Kansas State outstripped its demand. OSU had tickets left over (not a lot but a few) and K-State bought some from OSU. There are just more K-State people who want them, OSU did a public sale and K-State fans got them through OSU, too.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:09:31 PM)
Radio guy just said K-State released a statement saying they don't believe a crime was committed and they think it will come out in legal process. Reporter believes Ell will not start for curfew violation, but will play.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:10:20 PM)
dcbuck, heard good things about Zwick, Smith, Datish, Downing. Practices are closed so it is hard to get that kind of feel.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:10:33 PM)
Any injury updates?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:10:57 PM)
Susan, no have not confirmed that the charge was dropped or recanted.

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:11:31 PM)
Is it true you are related to Brett Hoovler?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:11:33 PM)
DirkMatt, only thing I've heard on injuries was Mark Snyder talking about how all of his LBs have nagging injuries. Tressel said they were in good shape yesterday.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:11:45 PM)
russia, yes, related to Hoov, unfortunately (VBG).

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:11:52 PM)

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:11:59 PM)
steve, are you getting a feel for the mood of the team? Do you think the team can get fired up enough to win? Do you think the seniors will have something to prove?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:12:35 PM)
have their been any comments from the buckeye camp on the roberson incident?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:14:05 PM)
Susan, no, can't get a good feel on that. They have said all the right things, but you sense some disappointment -- not about being here because they like the amenities, etc. Just the match-up has not lit them up, from my perspective. Miami has more teeth toit. Seniors desperately want a win, but the rest ... you know they want to win, but are they really into it.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:14:40 PM)
Susan, no comments from OSU. Would not be good form to comment on something that does not directly involve them.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:15:02 PM)
I'm sure they are scrambling to prepare for all 3 K-State qbs (Ell, Meyer and Schwinn).

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:15:19 PM)
i was thinking, steve, more along the lines of osu having to adjust to a different quarterback, not necessarily commenting on the incident itself

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:15:42 PM)
No, OSU has had no interviews since Tressel's final appearance yesterday morning.

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:16:48 PM)
Do you think we'll be able to run the ball on KState, if not are we going to open it up a bit

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:17:21 PM)
I've read what Gary has to say about Fred Davis and Ted Ginn, how do you feel about the two?

gomblue (Jan 2, 2004 4:17:29 PM)
With the Wolverines losing. Good luck to the Buckeyes.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:17:35 PM)
dcbuck, no, I don't think OSU will have a lot of success running the ball on this defense. They are pretty good and they know how to stop the run. OSU will really have to play well to get 125 yards on the ground.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:18:54 PM)
russia, I would agree with Gary's sentiments that Ginn and Davis will be at OSU. I have no sources telling me it's a lock, like Gary may have. Just a good feeling (Ginn 99 percent and Davis probably 75 percent).

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:19:08 PM)
What effect do you think a bowl win/loss has on recruiting?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:19:27 PM)
Steve, help me cheer Coop up. He says Davis is headed west and is moping around here.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:21:02 PM)
gomblue, thanks for the sentiments. My impression after your game yesterday was that USC did to UM what UM did to OSU.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:21:04 PM)
great story on Ginn by Gary in Bucknuts magazine. What's Ginn's height, weight? and...do you pronounce Ginn like gin..the alcohol or is the g sound like the g in begin?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:21:45 PM)
DirkMatt, bowl games rarely factor. These kids have already made the contacts and many of their visits. The groundwork has been done. One game (even Michigan game) rarely hurts or helps, I've seen.

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:21:50 PM)
Hard G, like in begin

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:01 PM)
thanks hubbard

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:08 PM)
No prob :)

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:29 PM)
Whats the latest word re:Fred Davis

gomblue (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:44 PM)
Depends on who you ask

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:52 PM)
Susan, thanks for the comments on Gary's article. We are happy with Ohio High nobody has ever done anything like that. And yes it's pronoinced like Be-Ginn.

gomblue (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:55 PM)
Good luck at the Fiesta!

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:22:59 PM)
I'm asking you

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:23:29 PM)
bucklover, I think USC and Miami are pushing Davis hard. But I think he ends up at OSU. No inside information (like Gary and Duane) just my own feelings on everything I've seen and heard.

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:23:31 PM)
Davis is going to announce next week, as he plans on enrolling early

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:24:12 PM)
I think it would have been easier for him to announce to go anywhere but OSU at the All Star game, it'd be much more difficult doing it in buckeye country

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 4:24:21 PM)
well if he plans on enrollling early he better speed up the process a bit.....classes start monday

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:24:47 PM)
i don't think he can enroll until spring qtr

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:24:54 PM)
he'll enroll for spring quarter, he doesn't graduate HS until ~Jan 16th

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:25:03 PM)
bucknasty, he can't complete his graduation till mid Jan, so he'll enroll wherever in spring.

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:25:10 PM)
Not to get off topics, but Steve-thank you for all of your contributions to the site. Not every fan gets this type of coverage. I guess my boss would not thank you because it kills my productivity, but....

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 4:25:15 PM)
ok thanks

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:26:01 PM)
bucklover, that is my goal, to make you all watch site 24/7 so you all get fired ... er, then you wouldn't have $$$ to subscribe. VBG

dcbuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:26:48 PM)
What are your thoughts on Houston Nutt possibly going to Nebraska

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:26:57 PM)
steve,,i guess i have to fire myself...vbg

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:27:19 PM)
Hey guys and gals, better late than never! : )

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:27:28 PM)
Is Steve still on?

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:27:31 PM)
what's VBG mean

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:27:43 PM)
Do you think Richard McNutt will stay on as an assistant coach..ga or otherwise? I asked him his plans and he said he'll stay at osu as long as they'll let him

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:27:49 PM)
Word has been that the team seemed flat during early bowl prep. It seems they are saying the right things now, but I'm worried about another OSU vs. Gamecocks showing.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:28:08 PM)
dcbuck, Nutt is highly regarded. He's done a fine job at Arkansas even if they haven't won titles. He'd do fine there. He is an established coach and I think that's what they need.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:28:22 PM)
Dirk Matt, very big grin

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:28:33 PM)
i see

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:29:12 PM)
Steve, will the basketball team "bounce" back and do well in the Big Ten?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:29:16 PM)
Susan, don't think McNutt immediately becomes a full-time assistant. I understand he is graduating soon, which is good. He needs to maybe be a GA for a year and then go elsewhere full-time. No on-the-job training at Ohio State, sorry.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:29:26 PM)
The have a lot of talent, how can they look so bad?

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:30:13 PM)
Anyone see Trev eat some crow regarding how big of a job Nebraska really is. He finally admitted that maybe it is bigger if your from our involved in the Cornshucker program

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:30:56 PM)
Trev is to Football Knowledge what I am to rocket science knowledge

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:30:57 PM)
Fighter59, I watched Tech school Minn. last night and immediately wondered if this final Sunday will be 10 or 20 points. They've beat up these last 3 teams ranked from 280 and up in RPI. They will be in with the varsity against Tech and Illinois. Sorry, can't provide a sunnier outlook for that (either).

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:31:29 PM)
I'm assuming you are not a rocket scientist then...

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:31:35 PM)
um no

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 4:31:38 PM)
will ginn jr. see playing time at any other positions besides cb tomorrow?

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:01 PM)
I'm sure your very intelligent in your own "special way"

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:03 PM)
I got my Ohio HIgh School magazine today.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:08 PM)
bucknasty, not sure.I have not followed much of the news out of there. That seems to be a Lemming/Rivals closed shop.

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:15 PM)
Man I can't wait to get my Ohio High

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:22 PM)
Fighter59, what did you think of our first effort?

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:32:48 PM)
It'll be worth the money. Lots of info, I liked the top 100 list.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:33:05 PM)
I liked the junior info in basketball too.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:33:25 PM)
I didn't get a chance to read it, I just thumped through it.

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 4:33:30 PM)
any idea when we see a malik commitment?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:33:39 PM)
Good, I'm glad. It will only get bigger and better. Yes, the bkb stuff was a nice touch. Nobody seems to be filling that niche in Ohio. Too bad that junior class isn't any better because Obie has schollies to burn now.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:34:06 PM)
bucknasty, well he doesn't have to sign until April, I believe. So it may be a while. Just keep a stiff upper lip.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:34:11 PM)
I was surprised Butler was ranked higher than Terwilliger.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:35:07 PM)
Fighter59, no, Butler has consistently been the top senior. Some actually think the Moeller kid Josh Duncan is better than Terwilliger. He's headed to Xavier.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:35:17 PM)
What are your predictions for the OSU water polo team? just kidding

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:35:57 PM)
Huh, I guess I was just going on the hype on the boards. It seems Terwilliger has turned some heads this year.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:36:23 PM)
Yes, he is having a great senior year. All the rankings are based on summer and past years right now.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:36:26 PM)
We need a point guard in a bad way. I hope Butler is the answer.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:37:03 PM)
Fighter59, I agree, he has to be the answer.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:37:04 PM)
Girls info too, I like that.

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:37:20 PM)
We need more discipline and efforst. They play dumb

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:37:26 PM)
59, yes another nice touch. Girls bkb really strong in Ohio.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:37:52 PM)
Yep, you all order it. It's a great publication.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:38:05 PM)
bucklover, I think it's inexperience. T.Dials, Sylvester, BFC and Sullinger all just in their second college season. They need to grow up and not make plays they can't make.

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:38:22 PM)
Will you be doing any track info in the spring? That'd be a nice touch.

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:38:33 PM)
What are the chances on Leon Hart and Kyle Mitchum? Also if one or both commit, do you think they play next year?

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:38:37 PM)
Thats a nicer way of putting it. I like your phrasing better.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:39:04 PM)
59, yes, we'll feature track in that season.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:39:28 PM)
Can Bucknuts mag be purchased at any stores? I'd like to take a look at it before subscribing.

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:39:32 PM)
Hart no. Mitchum we'll get, but he won't play unless he adds 15 pounds of muscle between now and camp.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:40:09 PM)
russiabuck, they way Gary put it is OSU's cause would be helped by this week. He did not, as far as I know,predict verbals. (Actually, I think he thinks Mitchum is a done deal, and Gary is not alone in that feeling). Probably 80-90 percent on Mitchum and 35-40 percent on Hart. Just my feeling.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:40:43 PM)
DirkMatt, yes, it's on newsstands around central Ohio. I invite you to check it out.

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:40:50 PM)
I just have the feeling Kyle wants to be a Buckeye. Earlt time, tradition, and chance to play closer to home.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:40:52 PM)

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:40:56 PM)
WHen will Ohio High be in our mailboxes??

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:41:02 PM)
Dirk..ive seen bucknuts mag on newstands up here in sandusky. Drug Mart was one place

Fighter59 (Jan 2, 2004 4:41:20 PM)
Gotta go, thanks for the info Steve. You'd better be hoarse tomorrow!

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:41:27 PM)
I'm in Y-town, but I'll still look for it

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:41:35 PM)
BCR, Ohio High has been mailed. If you subscribed to Duane's Ohio's Future Stars in the past, you should get it any day.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:41:46 PM)
Good deal. Looking forward to it. Thanks

ksb (Jan 2, 2004 4:42:26 PM)
DirkMatt, I've seen them at the Giant Eagles in Boardman

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:42:40 PM)
If they haven't heard of him already, is this the night the rest of the nation finds out about Santonio Holmes?

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:42:46 PM)
ksb, thanks, I go there once a week

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:42:53 PM)
both my magazines were in my mailbox today

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:43:00 PM)
luck you

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:43:04 PM)
lucky you

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:43:18 PM)
Best guess at final verbals-Davis, Ginn, Mitchum, Barrow, Patterson, Gohlston, and Bryant. Bryant is Davis' buddy, and he'll hang with Ginn etc....once he sets foot in the shoe and the WHAC???????

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:43:26 PM)
BCR, I like the way you think. Holmes is the next freak, as I always say. Would be great to see him get off, but I think MJ is the one tonight.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:43:59 PM)
Yeah, gotta go with the senior I guess. I sure hope they go out with a win. They deserve it.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:44:20 PM)
I agree with your first 5 names, I think Gholston is also a strong possibility. I'm not as sure about Bryant as others are.

guru (Jan 2, 2004 4:44:42 PM)

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:44:44 PM)
Gholston would be a nice pickup. We could use a DE or two down the road

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:45:16 PM)
BCR, agreed, Gholston would be great, he'd be like Marcel Frost a two-fer, can play and you take him away from rivals (UM and MSU in this case).

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:46:18 PM)
Ole Miss pouring it on 31-14 in just a sec

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:46:40 PM)
Have you seen much of Frost in practice? The one practice I went to he was hurt. Is he as good as advertised?

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 4:46:42 PM)
Steve, Is Tempe anything close to what it was last year. The sea of Red throughout Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix?

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:47:00 PM)
Prediction on the score of the game tonight?

buckeyenut (Jan 2, 2004 4:47:55 PM)
sorry im entering late and im sure this has been discussed, but why was usc able to get to navarre so easily while our d-line didn't lay a finger on him?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:47:58 PM)
BCR, saw Frost in preseason and he looked great to me. Big rangy athlete. Looked like a potential impact player to me. I also loved his prep tape.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:48:18 PM)
russia, no, it is a complete flat line here in terms of OSU support.,

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:48:18 PM)
Steve, what about next years Offense?? Do you see addition by subtraction on the line? Zwick, to me, looed like a keeper. If Mo surfaces, Hall and Holmes improve. LI and Hamby. The line will be more mobile and more guys should see time. Barton, Coleman, Datish, Downing, Tyree, along with Schafer, Sims, and Mangold. I'm not that worried really. I also have the feeling we'll see one of Haw or Pittman step up. If, Hiley steps in with say a Fred Davis too. Maybe not USC, but we could be on to something. I may have Scarlet colored glasses, but I think we are going to be a more balenced team next year between O/D and ST.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:48:25 PM)
More of a Purple wave

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:48:44 PM)
I always hated purple

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:48:55 PM)
DirkMatt, I picked the game 2 weeks ago on the site and went with K-State 24-20. Sticking with that, although one must wonder how Ell will play.

DirkMatt (Jan 2, 2004 4:49:38 PM)
Anyone see the OSU/Mich kissing commercial? It's hilarious.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:49:45 PM)
Lydell should be 100%, right?

bucklover (Jan 2, 2004 4:49:54 PM)
At the very least, this might take some starch out of the Wilcats.

bucknasty (Jan 2, 2004 4:50:06 PM)
yeah that commercial is classic

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:50:17 PM)
I still haven't seen it...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:50:28 PM)
buckeyenut, great ?? about Navarre. My theory is UM was rested (off week, NW) while OSU came in off nut crunchers (PSU, MSU, Purdue). OSU was spent when it got off the bus at Ann Arbor. Instead of reacting to that and playing more guys, OSU pressed it and tried to stay with the mainstays (because things weren't going well). Add it up and you have 35-21. Tough scenario for OSU.

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:50:51 PM)
i just read a report that says roberson will play but probably won't start. The KSU athletic department is saying that there's no proof a crime has been committed. I find this disturbing. I mean, Ell may be innocent, but it's irresponsible for the AD to say he committed no crime. It would be fine to say the investigation is still ongoing..or something to that effect

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:51:38 PM)
bucklover, well, the offense couldn't be much worse could it? Or could it? Young guys pass protecting and run blocking usually isn't a good formula. But the teams they play also have to reload some as well. Remember that, too.

IcemanW26 (Jan 2, 2004 4:51:45 PM)
Susan- Nevermind the fact that he still violated curfew

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:52:12 PM)
BCR, Tressel said they were fine. I assume that includes Flydell.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:52:37 PM)
Susan, I agree. That is absolutely ridiculous. Was this guy Weiser in the room? How can he say that?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:52:42 PM)
my concern is for the young woman if she's telling the truth. The ad saying as much is putting pressure on her..showing their power, much like Kobe's legal team did

buckeyenut (Jan 2, 2004 4:52:45 PM)
Athough its never a good thing when an athlete gets in trouble, it's nice to see other teams have off the field problems once in awhile because it always seems to be Ohio State who has the dark cloud over their heads

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:52:46 PM)
What would your guess be as to how the crowd will look...70/30 K-State?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:53:26 PM)
agreed..it's so nice to not hear a peep of anything bad about the buckeyes since they've been there

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:53:28 PM)
BCR, oh, I'd say 50 percent K-State, 30 percent don't care and will swing to one side or the other and 20 percent OSU.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:53:52 PM)
Well let's hope it's a loud 20 percent.

IcemanW26 (Jan 2, 2004 4:54:31 PM)
I'd imagine it will be

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:54:40 PM)
our band will be the best!!!

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:55:00 PM)
hopefully, the team will be, also

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:55:00 PM)
Suze, no doubt about that!

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:55:44 PM)
IS this Gamble's last game, in your opinion?

Susan (Jan 2, 2004 4:56:11 PM)
I gotta run. My comuter guru is here and needs to fix some problems with our new wireless system. Everyone, have a good night and GO BUCKS!!! Have fun Steve and a safe trip home.

buckeyenut (Jan 2, 2004 4:56:46 PM)
Has anyone heard of any younger players stepping up in the last month and maybe getting some playing time tonight

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:57:05 PM)
BCR, yes, sounds like he'll be going pro. I think somebody heard Dantonio make a faux pas and say Fox would be the only senior back in the secondary. Not that he may know, but that was kind of telling.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:57:12 PM)
I'd love to see EJ or Youboty step up. We're going to need them very soon!

IcemanW26 (Jan 2, 2004 4:57:51 PM)
Seems like this is a stacked DB draft, but I can't blame him if he really will go top 10/15

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:58:10 PM)
Exactly, but don't let Mili see that, Iceman.

buckeyenut (Jan 2, 2004 4:58:14 PM)
Youboty seems small, but he was all over the receiver the one time the ball came his way in the michigan game

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:58:35 PM)
Yeah, he looked pretty good covering Edwards. I like Youboty.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:07 PM)
Anything else, have to fight traffic back to Stade Sun Devil

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:29 PM)
Thanks for the chat, Steve.

buckeyenut (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:36 PM)
Have fun at the game tonight, hopefully we can have another showcase game on national tv

Hubbard (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:46 PM)
Thanks for the chat Steve!

IcemanW26 (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:53 PM)
thanks steve, have fun tonight!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 4:59:54 PM)
Glad I could be here. I agree buckeyenut, another national showcase game would be good for all concerned.

BlueChipRecruit (Jan 2, 2004 5:00:33 PM)
Go Bucks!

russiabuck (Jan 2, 2004 5:00:58 PM)
Thanks Steve, Tell Brett Russia says hi

IcemanW26 (Jan 2, 2004 5:01:30 PM)
anybody watching clemson/tennessee? i thought that the vols, gators, and dawgs were all supposed to be BCS caliber teams...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 2, 2004 5:02:36 PM)
will do

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