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We have some quick recruiting updates for you now -- we caught up with two Florida prospects last night in RB Gartrell Shavers (who is waiting on an OSU offer) and DT Dumaka Atkins (who is still not sure about his college choice), and we also are in the process of trying to find out more about stories circulating about Fred Davis and Izzy Bauta.

Everyone today is talking about Toledo Rogers WR Fred Davis. I received an e-mail late last night from Rogers head coach Ric Rios, and he didn't seem to know anything about stories circulating that had Fred down to USC and Miami. He had hoped to talk to Fred today. Fred is scheduled to announce on 1/15 and it is likely we won't find out anything new until then although it is doubtful OSU is out of the picture.

Meanwhile, earlier today, there was a published report that Brooklyn, NY OL Izzy Bauta had committed to Ohio State, which was a surprise to Izzy.

"Yeah, I saw that," he said. "Coach Jacoby told him that Ohio State was recruiting me and somehow they turned it around. It was weird.

"They didn't even spell my name right."

Izzy had been to Ohio State a while back on a visit but is not done with the process yet.

"Kirk Barton was my host," he said. "Mark Snyder has been recruiting me.

"Ohio State would be top of my list but I still have visits. I got Duke this weekend, then Rutgers after that, then South Florida came in right before break and I decided to go down there too."

Now, on to some updates on some Florida players...

RB Gartrell Shavers is one of the better "lesser-known" prospects in the country. The Miami Springs, FL standout led his county in rushing this year, and seeing as how he is in Dade County with blue-chip RBs Bobby Washington and Charlie Jones, that is saying something.

"I led the county in rushing with 1600 yards," he said. "They didn't let us finish our last game because of weather."

Shavers stands at 6 feet and says "I'm about 209 or 210 right now." He said he has been offered by Ohio State contingent on getting his grades. He takes the test again Jan. 24th. He made it very clear that Ohio State is the school he wants to attend.

"They're very, very much my number one choice," Gartrell said. "I'm not taking any other visits. I love everything about Ohio State."

Gartrell said it is possible he would sign late, but he really doesn't want to. He is anxiously awaiting an OSU offer though.

"The moment I'm offered, I will commit," he said.

Moving north from Miami, Sarasota, FL Booker DL/OL Dumaka Atkins is one of the state's most highly-recruited linemen. I asked Dumaka (6-4, 280) if he had told his brother Baraka, who is playing at Miami, if he was thinking of visiting OSU.

"Yeah, he was thinking about coming to Ohio State back when he was recruited," he said.

Dumaka could play on either side of the ball, but he seems to have a future at DT.

"Everybody's recruiting me as a defensive tackle, but I played all over the place at offense," he said. "At least one game at every position."

Dumaka said he hasn't been up north anywhere in a lot of years, but climate shouldn't matter.

"I just don't see weather being a factor," he said.

Dumaka has his visits all set up and one will be to Ohio State with one of his teammates.

"Yes, I'm coming up with Chris Zellner," he said. "We'll be coming up together; we were just talking about it the other day."

Atmosphere is going to be important in his decision and he has set all five of his visits. What will be the thing that pushes him over the top when it comes to choosing a college?

"When I figure it out, I'll tell ya!" he laughed.

He also throws the shot and the discus and he says he's fully qualified.  "I have an 1110 SAT," he said.

"I want to major in business or management."


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