Bryant Discusses Difficult Decision

Reading, Pa., linebacker James Bryant discusses about the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, his college choices and his friendship with Pittsburgh-area star Andrew Johnson.

I caught up with James Bryant of Reading (Pa.) High School for a Question and Answer session earlier tonight. Bryant played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and is strongly considering Ohio State, Florida and Pittsburgh.

"Everything is going pretty good," he said. "I go to the University of Florida this weekend for an official visit and other than that, everything is all right."

Why there?

"They're another young school and another aggressive school that's doing big things. Even though they lost their Bowl game, they were pretty impressive to me throughout the season."

Can I ask you about Ohio State and what kind of feelings that you have about them right now?

"Ohio State is another very aggressive team. They're not very young (at LB) but it's somewhere I can come in and make a big difference. A few of the guys that committed to them this weekend during the game (Ginn and Freeman) was big and I became friends with them and they tried to recruit me to come there. I just have to see what happens when I get there and check things out. I visit there next weekend."

Can you talk about Marcus Freeman and Ted Ginn?

"They would be great teammates. As well as great athletes, they seem like they put academics before everything. They're both scholar-athletes, they both have awards for having a GPA of 3.5 and I think those are guys that I need to be associated with."

How is your situation academically?

"I've applied for clearance with the Clearinghouse and everything is going good. I've got a GPA of 2.8 and a SAT score of 1100. So I'm cleared with the Clearinghouse and I'm okay with my grades and things like that."

For Buckeye fans who don't know about you can you tell us about your style of play and what makes you such a good linebacker?

"I'm very aggressive, I'm fast to the ball and I love to hit. And I've got that attitude where I'm going to bury you or you ain't going to play in the game. One of the two. You can't contribute if you're not in the game and that's my mentality. I try to put you out of the game early."

Can I ask you about your relationship with Pitt, a lot of people think you're a shoe-in with Pitt?

"My brother is there that's true but I have to look at the future and he's not always going to be there. I think it's time for me to make my own name. That might be and might not be the place for me, I'm not sure right now. My decision is still definitely up in the air."

Is there any certain team without saying that you have a special feeling about right now?

"Yeah just a little bit. But the next three visits actually will be my best analogy on what's going to happen with not just their programs because I know a lot about their programs, but how I feel about the players that are going to be there that I would be with if I were to attend those schools."

Who's the third school?

"I visited Pitt and Miami already and I have to go to Florida (Jan. 9), Ohio State (Jan. 16) and LSU (Jan. 23). They're another team that's making a lot of noise and they're very young. They won a national championship this year and I think I can go there and fit in real well also."

Can you say something positive about Ohio State for Buckeye fans that are interested in you?

"I already made friends there and friends with their parents and things like that. And I already feel that if I would go there that I would be accepted into their families and things like that, even though I would be away from my own family. I think I will be able to make another family out there at Ohio State."

And it's not too far from Pitt and you can still visit your brother?


When will you make your decision and how will you do it?

"I'm going to do it at a local teen center where I can have a bunch of little kids there so they can experience the way it should happen when they get older and if they accomplish some of the things that I've accomplished. Two days before national signing day."

Are you and Andrew Johnson a package deal?

"I think that is going to be very true. I think me and Andrew have become real good friends over the past few years and I think if one college gets one, I think they're going to get the other. If Andrew Johnson has to change positions to get the job done and play right away and things like that, he's capable of doing it. He's got the speed and athletic ability to go from defense to offense and from offense to defense at the next level."

So that's important because he's already committed to Pitt?

"That could change!"

And he's going to be on the visit with you to Ohio State?

"I believe so. I think he's going the same week that I'm going."

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