Young Talks On Eve Of OSU Official

Our Charles Babb had a chance last night to conduct a question-and-answer interview with Sarasota (Fla.) Booker defensive lineman Willie Young, who is due in for an official visit at OSU today. Click here for all the questions and answers.

Here is an interview with Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., defensive lineman Willie Young, due to visit Ohio State this weekend:

What schools are you down to?

"As of right now, Florida, Georgia, NC State, and Ohio State. My next visit is Ohio State, and I'm leaving (today) at 11:27 a.m."

Are you looking forward to it then?


Tell me about the California Bowl.

"It went pretty good and it went kinda bad. The good part is that I was able to play in it and able to play the game, the full game without any serious injuries. The bad part was the conditions. The field was soaked. Ridiculous soaked. It was like a sponge. Coming off of that edge, my advantage that I have with the speed. I couldn't hold my ground. I slipped 3 or 4 times back to back, play after play. I decided that I would focus on my feet – that way I would not take myself out of the play if it happened to sweep or bootleg or cut back or something like that. I just tried to stay up, and that knocked my whole game off because now I am trying to stay up but really not focusing on making the play."

What will be the determining factors in your making the final decision on where to go?

"I don't know what it is. I guess if I like what I see, people I am around, coaches, and my ability to play right away."

Playing right away is very important to you then?

"Yes it is."


"It is like, you really can't rush time because time is going to take its time…(but) tomorrow is not promised so I want to play right away. I can't waste one step towards my future where I plan on being – Sunday, Sunday afternoons. Three years and out, and I am gone. That's it man. God willing I will come back and get my degree after that. That is a major factor in my committing and feeling good about where I want to go."

Are you being recruited only as a defensive end?

"I hope nobody is playing games with me."

Well, some schools recruit players differently…

"I would play any position. I would play quarterback…if I could have defensive end full time, I would play any other position for you. I would be a kick returner. I would be your punter. It's just that I have to have defensive end full time. That's me right there. I like that job."

Why do you like defensive end so much?

"I don't know. It's like the best place to be on the field. It's a very important job. Some people I don't think notice how important that job is at defensive end. I mean, it is a very tough job when it comes down to it. I like to be in the middle of things. I feel like from defensive end I can be anywhere on the field. I feel like that fits me."

How did the visit to NC State go?

"It went pretty good. Nothing I didn't expect. I have a brother – an older brother – at EKU, and he told me a few things. He went on visits. He told me it was going to be gravy, it was going to be all gravy when you go and take those visits. He said sometimes they will show you all the good parts and you might never see that part of that school again. Enjoy it while you can. Don't commit to a school because of one or two things you like, and the let the last thing be a girl. He was like, be smart on where you commit and where you decide to go to."

Have you looked at the depth charts at the schools?

"Yup. They are all looking good. That is why I am taking the visits. These other schools, like Auburn, South Florida, Alabama, Rutgers – all of them look good. I don't know why I can't just come up with, ‘I want to take my 5th visit there.' It is like I cannot decide. Hopefully something will come up, and I will make that choice. If I take that 5th visit it will be on the 19th. Two weeks from now I think. I would have to take that 5th visit on a weekday."

What will your major be?

"Veterinary medicine."

Will the programs each school has for that play a part – have you looked into that?

"I have."

What is one positive thing about each school in your final 4?

"All the background – except for Ohio State. I don't know too much about Ohio State, but I think I could see myself being a Buckeye one day possibly. What I like about Georgia is I have a cousin who is starting there. He has given me a few calls. I was raised in Georgia and been around Georgia for a long time. Florida, I had a couple of real close friends who went there. I like the Florida Gators (Jan. 16 visit) and Georgia (Jan. 23 visit). I was always traveling back and forth between Georgia and Florida. I could easily see myself going (there), but what's there at those schools? Is it something I want to be around? That is why I don't know. That is why I am taking my visits there and hopefully I will come up with something before February 4."

Will you commit before then if you have a great visit somewhere?

"No. I will probably commit after my last visit, and that is on the 30th of this month."

So, will the schools know before signing day?

"I was thinking about that – I'm not sure yet. I might talk to my brother about that or talk to one of my friends…"

What do you do when not playing football? What hobbies do you have?


When is the last time you were able to go?

"A few minutes ago. I just got back in the house."

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