Q&A with Leon Hart

Five-star OL Leon Hart just returned from a trip to Georgia, but Ohio State and Auburn are still at the top of his list. He talked a little bit about each school a short time ago.

You indicated Ohio State and Auburn are still leading, why is Georgia not up there?

"I just felt like Ohio State and Auburn had more to offer as far as the situation with needing linemen next year."

Why is playing early is so important to you that it might affect your choice so much?

"I am a person who likes to come in and if I have the chance to compete early for a starting job, I would love to, and I feel like Ohio State and Auburn can offer that more."

Have you been able to visit with Tressel yet?

"He came to one of my games and sat down with my parents. They talked up in the stands and they went out to eat."

Has Tommy Tubberville used up his in-home visit yet?

"No sir."

Why Auburn? What about Auburn is attractive to you?

"It is a school that is close to home - not to say I would rule out Ohio State for that - plus, I like the competition because it is here in the SEC. They have a good engineering program at Auburn."

So Engineering is your planned major - did you get a chance to check out the Ohio State facilities??

"Yes sir, I got a chance to be shown around the campus and go see where the engineering school was and everything."

What about the All American Game? How was that experience?

"It was a good experience to go to San Antonio, get a chance to meet a lot of new people and compete with some of the top players in the nation. I enjoyed it."

Who really impressed you of the players you faced every day?

"Probably Tim Jamison from Chicago, Illinois, because he really is a good pass rusher. At first he was pretty difficult to handle."

What about a player on offense?

"I think Xavier Lee was really impressive because he was versatile. He could play quarterback or receiver."

Word is some of the OSU commitments were talking up the Buckeyes. Did they talk them up to you?

"Yeah, Ted Ginn and Marcus Freeman, they did mention it. Basically, they were preaching Ohio State to me - what all Ohio had to offer."

When it all comes down to it, you will have to make a choice. What will be the determining factor?

"I think it is going to be a gut feeling from going on my official visits, get a chance to go on the campus, get a feel for the environment and see how I feel around the people."

Give me one positive about Ohio State and one about Auburn right now.

"I think one positive about Ohio State is their tradition for putting linemen in the pros. Then, one positive for Auburn I would say the need for linemen with my chance to come in and be a contributor."

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