Young discusses OSU visit

DE Willie Young of Palm Beach Gardens HS in Florida was on an official visit to Ohio State this weekend and liked what he saw. We caught up with him last night for a Q&A on the trip.

Who hosted you?

"Nate Salley."

What were the highlights of the trip to you?

"Pretty much I enjoyed it all. I mean, it seemed like a really nice place and somewhere I see myself fitting in and everything."

I am assuming you didn't verbal based on what you told me the last time we talked?

"No sir."

On a scale of 1-10, I would have to give it a 10

"I mean, surroundings, situation and all, I would have to give it a 10. Everything was good."

How did it compare with NC State?

"Right now I can't compare anything because I have been on two visits, and I can't say exactly how something is going to end up, so I am going to take all my visits and my next step is committing. I guess I will know something by then."

Who has been recruiting you?

"Coach Conley. I think this is his area."

Any time with Tressel?

"Yeah, I spent a little time with him."

Anything in particular that you talked about?

"Just my situation and where I stand at."

Did the coaches – especially Coach Heacock discuss the defense with you?

"Yeah. He just said to me who they have leaving and what he would like me to replace and who and all that."

Did Heacock talk about your role?

"He said I would be right behind Will Smith. Weakside (defensive end).

Anything else that stands out about the visit? What did you think of the Stadium?

"That stadium, boy, I'll tell you. That stadium is something else."

Have you seen a stadium that size before?

"No. I've never seen a stadium that big college wise. Everything was pretty nice. I enjoyed all of it. The coaches were pretty cool too."

Who did you spend the most time with of the coaches?

"Probably all of them. I was just hanging around a lot to get a feel for them and see what they were like, and it turns out that they were pretty cool."

Have you decided on who will get that final visit?

"I'm not sure yet. It will probably be tomorrow that I decide that, and I really haven't come up with anything."

So there is no change in your decision to commit just before or on signing day?

"Yeah. That is what it is going to take because I have Georgia and Florida coming up. Hopefully something will help me make up my mind. I will wake up with a good feeling about one of the schools."


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