Bryant Set To Come To OSU Today

Reading, Pa., linebacker James Bryant is due to begin an official visit at Ohio State today. Bryant is considered one of the nation's top 100 players and is the country's No. 6 linebacker, according to Click here for more on this prep standout.

Last weekend, James Bryant visited the University of Florida. He has Ohio State this weekend, from Saturday night through Monday, and will finish off his visits with a trip to LSU the following weekend.

"I got to see the Swamp and I talked to a lot of guys down there and it was all right," Bryant said. "Other than that, nothing really spectacular was going on down there."

He came away from the trip to Florida with at least one important point from his visit.

"Just the fact they're in need of linebackers," he said. "Getting a chance to play early is going to play a real big part."

Official visit number four awaits him now.

"I go to Ohio State this weekend," he said. "I'm not really sure what they have planned for me but I'm definitely going to have a good time. A lot of the guys that I met at the All-American game are going to be down there and I'm sure we're going to have a good time."

Fred Davis was one of the guys at the All-American game but he already had his official visit to Ohio State and is obviously still undecided at this point. Bryant visited Florida with Davis and has kept in contact with him since the all-star game.

"Yeah, Fred was there and I got to talk to him there," Bryant said. "We didn't really talk about school, we mainly were just talking about football and what we were going to do later on that night and things like that. Nothing much about recruiting. I've known Fred since my Miami visit. He's not really telling me anything either."

Bryant will certainly see Marcus Freeman on his visit to Ohio State. Freeman played alongside him at linebacker in the all-star game and is now enrolled at OSU.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing him again," Bryant said. "I've talked to him a couple of times on the phone already."

After OSU, Bryant will visit the reigning Co-national champions, LSU Tigers and then he'll make a decision.

"It's going to go all the way down to the wire and I just hope that I make a good decision," he said. "I'm feeling positive about all of the schools and making sure that I see everybody before I make a reinstatement of who goes first, second or third and so on and so forth."

Bryant will visit Ohio State this weekend along with Andrew Johnson, from the Pittsburgh area, who originally committed to Pittsburgh. Bryant has said as recently as a week ago that the two could be a package deal.

"I'm definitely looking forward to hooking up with him at Ohio State," he said. "I haven't seen him in a while but I talk to him every once in a while during the week. We're just keeping stuff subtle. Between us, we know what we want but we're really not sure what's going to happen school-wise."

As far as what Ohio State or any other school would be getting from landing Bryant is an aggressive linebacker that is more than capable of playing all three positions?

"Every school that I'm going to that wants me to play linebacker, wants me to learn all three positions," he said. "I learned all three positions in high school. It's the same thing, you play linebacker like you play linebacker at any position. You always got to cover somebody, you always got follow your reads and you get to the ball and make the play."

Are his offensive days over with? He is a solid candidate to play fullback at the next level.

"No ... I think in the long run there might be a fourth-and-goal situation where I might have to come in there and run somebody over or I might have to get in there and con the coach into letting me run the rock every once in a while. But right now I'm a defensive guy. Are my offensive days over? I doubt it because I'm that athletic."

Right now, none of his five schools have pressured him into making a verbal commitment at any time soon.

"I'm not feeling any pressure in any way because if anybody would like to scratch me off of their list then let them go ahead and do it," Bryant said. "They'll just be put on my hit list and I'll just make sure I get after their squad if they come to my town or if I come into their house."

Are all five still in contention?

"It's still up in the air with all five of them," he said. "Nobody has scratched me off yet and I'm just trying to get out there and make sure that I make the right decision."

Although he won't say it publicly, there is a school out there that's at the head of the pack.

"There's a leader in my own mind," he said. "But out in the open there will not be."

Jim Tressel is in Hawaii this weekend but according to Bryant, that won't hurt Ohio State's chances at all if he doesn't get to see him.

"I've talked with Coach Tressel before so, no, that's not a really big factor," he said. "I like him and me and him are on really good terms, and I like his personality. But other than that, everything is fine if I don't talk to Coach Tressel. I'll see him this weekend."

Bryant said he's comfortable with everything about Ohio State and the visit should only confirm his thinking.

"It's a great atmosphere up there and I know that from hearing things from Teddy Ginn and things like that," Bryant said. "I really like their (Ginn) family and I think that will play a big part in it also."

Bryant is ranked as the nation's 35th-best prospect overall as well as the country's No. 6 linebacker and Pennsylvania's fifth-best prospect, according to

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